Top 10 Best Boxing Shoes Reviews and Buying Guide 2018

To keep our-self fit and active we play different physical sports. Sports have great impact on our life. To play any game every one wore safety wears. In choosing safety wears you must choose the most reliable and suitable one. As we know many of us choose the athletic shoes which are made for the sake of other games like as for running, basket ball, wally ball and other games; while playing boxing. In this sport you must have the ability to defend your self. That’s why the athlete shoes are not suitable for boxing. By wearing a real boxing shoes you can perform better. Performance of a boxing player directly or indirectly depends upon his or her sports wearing. To opt real boxing shoes, might increases the performance of a beginner player. His/her speed, effort,movements and actions can be enhances by wearing good quality and reliable boxing shoes. A perfect Boxing Shoe also give you comfort, and support to stay and move in that way in which a typical boxer moves. You can get more power and efficiency to fight in better way. Hence, boxing shoes are more comfortable than many other casual boots or shoes. We have summarized a detailed description about boxing shoes that will be absolutely helps you to find the best shoes.

Top 10 Best Boxing Shoes Reviews 2018:

10: Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4 Shoe: Adidas Wrestling Men's Combat Speed 4 Wrestling Shoe

To compete with other, the Adidas combat 4 boxing shoes are one of the best shoes.They have been designed in in different colors and different variety of sizes. Usually, the colors found are black and white, and size ranges from 7.5-16. It is highly constructed with a 3-striped Adidas design. An excellent feature of these shoes is that they seem to be very light in weight and keep your feet fresh while you are moving in the ring. There are classical gum rubber soles patched at the bottom of shoes. To defend your self from the opponent one they enhance your power of movement, speed you up and also give an excellent way. It has reasonable price not too costly. For those persons who are in search of finding lightweight shoes these are the best one, so, I consult you to get these shoes.
Moreover, they have high ankles of about 12 inches that protect softly from twisting of ankles. If you are at the beginner level or getting training, then you must choose the pair of this brand at a well suitable cost.

Product Features:

Adidas Combat Shoes are designed in such a way that they are incredibly breathable having the single layer of mash body. Suede and synthetic leather are used where it needs, which make it fit like a sock.3 stripped teamed with integrated side panel make it stable. These are more flexible and supportive as compared to others. Its latest design helps you in the right traction in the ring.Eva wedge – Internal, Dead cut Eva movie helps in the “Attack opportunity.”

  • Fits sweet and very light, excellent movement stabilization.
  • breathable single layer mesh body
  • Very durable with imported leather material.
  • Internal, die-cut EVA mid-sole
  • Flexible and supportive TPU 3-stripes.
  • Comfortable easy movement.
  • Available in 17 different colors
  • In few cases, fits larger than expected

09: Ringside Undefeated High Top Muay Thai MMA Boxing/ Wrestling Shoes:  RINGSIDE Undefeated Boxing Shoes

Ringside undefeated boxing shoes have different features compared to other brands. They can be used in multi-sports. Its sole has a different look.In addition to that, it also has high-top ankle which also enhances the mobility of a player. These shoes have an upper layer of nylon mesh which allowed the air freely to flow. We can say that they are highly ventilated. It has been designed uniquely for elite level ring performance. Further more, this brand has black/black and white/ grey colors. Their sizes are from 2-13 inches, and it doesn’t have half sizes. It is the more popular brand in the US. For making sure to your success wear these shoes in the ring. To avoid injuries around or on the ankle, there is high ankle support which covers your ankle. They can easily carry. At last, they are very light in weight.

  • Ventilated.
  • Light in weight.
  • Has a unique ankle support and desired height.
  • Great flexibility.
  • Designed for multi-sports.
  • Much compress-able.
  • Sometimes its difficult to put on and off with laces.

08: Adidas Combat Speed III K Boxing/ Wrestling Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Bid Kid): Adidas Combat Speed III K Boxing

Adidas combat speed III has various colors you can choose of according to your own choice. These are made up of good leather. All the raw material is of high quality and imported as well. The lower surface of the shoe is constructed with rubber sole. In addition to that, the synthetic suede persuaded the air to flow freely. It also has open mesh to do the same. They are found lightweight and even consider long-lasting. Suede sole and rubber toe and heel give a perfect soak like fitting. Else more the Adidas combat speed III is the most popular brand for boxing/ wrestling from the last few decades. Now it is the most excellent version comes with very improved quality and advanced material used in manufacturing.

  • Fit perfectly.
  • Super durable.
  • They provide excellent stability.
  • High-quality manufacturing.
  • Available in black, silver and red colors.
  • Rarely reported as not enough rubber grip on the bottom of the shoe.

07: Aadidas Performance Men Adizero Wrestling/ Boxing Shoes:  adidas Performance Men's Adizero boxing

The Adidas Adizero are legendary shoes named after a bright star of history, “Jake Verner.” It is proved to be the best one brand. It offers a fantastic proposal, high momentum, complete balance and new traction in the ring. What’s more, it is highly designed for heavy-weight users too. They are versatile. They can be used in wrestling as well as for casual events. In addition to that these boots are constructed for easy movement at your beginning. Being the light in weight boots are ventilator. Lastly, there is a mid-cut which offers the feet an extra support. They are extremely functional.

  • Excellent grip and traction.
  • Light in weight.
  • Very breathable and ventilator body.
  • Good ankle support.
  • Versatile in nature.
  • Tight fitting, not best for wide feet.

06: Lonsdale Mens Contender Boxing Boots Mid cut Full Lace Up Lightweight Shoes:  Lonsdale Mens Contender Boxing Boots Mid cut Full Lace Up Lightweight Shoes

Your entrance into a ring is the best one is not an easy task. We are going to introduce you to a new latest brand of boxing shoes.None else, guess what it is? Yeah sure, the brand is Lonsdale Contender. Thanks to Lonsdale contender shoes that they speed up with full laced front, by the quilted and padded ankle, during the mesh panels allowed air to flow smoothly. In other words, we can say that they are breathable. The additional feature of the Lonsdale brand has excellent pivot for extra traction. Eva mid-sole also enhances their durability. More else you are guaranteed to feel comfort and support. The upper surface of the shoe is made up of leather, textile, and synthetic ones while the inner surface is only of artificial.

Product Features:

Lonsdale shoes are suitable for men. They are fastening with laces as they are laced-colts featured. To protect the ankle, there is an outer high covering collar. Sole gripped tightly fit. One can feel breath-ability and comfortable after wearing these shoes. These are not too costly. Mid-cut and laced having quilted cushioned supportive ankle collar. Best lightweight designed as boxing specific EVA mid-sole. It provides you heavily gripped out-sole for a solid stance. It has a beautiful look with Lonsdale logo and lion pattern.

  • Mid-cut and Quilted, cushioned ankle collar.
  • Available in two colors and five sizes.
  • Lightweight easy to take any move.
  • Boxing specific EVA mid-sole quality.
  • Heavily gripped out-sole for a solid stance.
  • More comfortable and breathable for foot skin.
  • Fastening with laces.
  • Durable and have the affordable price.
  • Non

05: Everlast Low Top Boxing Shoes: Everlast Low Top Boxing Shoes

Ever-last low top boxing shoes are engineered with padded ankle supports for ease of mobility and stability. Its sole is of artificial leather, suede, polyester mesh which helps to allow your feet to be relaxed and more comfortable. Nylon and rubber give an extra extension. It provides a better grip in the ring. Passionate fingers. It is designed for low top 6 inches. Moreover, everlasting low top boxing shoes with passionate figures enhances the long-term usage. There is an extra addition to that is a zipper enclosure and have support around the ankle. If you want zip closure shoes, then you would be happy with that brand.

  • Synthetic leather, nylon, rubber and polyester mesh is used.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Have extra extension for suitable fitting.
  • More comfortable.
  • Might be loose after wearing some times.

Boxing Shoes, For Wide Feet:

Buying shoe for wide feet, you must remember few main points. First of all, you need to find that one which has a comprehensive soul, if there is the bit a little stretch, you can’t feel comfortable in that case. The construction of the boxing shoes must be not too stretched that it needs to have a change. The other primary factor is to choose one with comfortable material which can be used for pro longed time.
In content to hire the best shoe for wide feet, you must follow some of our given brands, discussing here briefly.


Existing name of this brand was Guerrero. Public mostly having wide feet like to get this brand shoe for their training. The rating of buying shoes for wide feet holders verify instantly.In contrast to other boxing shoes, shoes of this brand are lighter and thinner. Its grip is quite perfect. Stylish and invigorating genuine patent leather insets the micro fibers for a fantastic boxing shoe that it might deliver professionally. In constant, it is lighter in weight and proved an excellent ventilator or breathable. Have high ankle cushioning to protect and enhance the capability of fighting in the ring, affordable price and durable too.

  • They have a secure grip on the ground.
  • Available in 8 colors and 8 sizes.
  • More flexible.
  • High ankle cushioning.
  • Light in weight.
  • Extra qualitative for wide feet.
  • Great variety of color selections.
  • Affordable price. Not overpriced like many are.
  • Comfortable, well built, reasonable price.
  • Light weight & durable.
  • A bit snug.

03: Reebok Men’s Boot Boxing Shoe: Reebok Men's Boot Boxing Shoe

Reebok boxing boot uses the synthetic leather soles. Worthwhile brand for the upper surface 10 round comforts. Its leather synthetically stretches according to the fitting of your wide feet. You must be thankful for this brand to just enough stretching. Breaking in about 6 hours estimated is effortless. Besides, they have a thin sole which can give a full support and ultimate grip on the ground. What’s more, the rubber provides traction for excellent grip. It also has ankle support and straps.They are well padded and snug fit. They are breathable, very light in weight, not so precious but durable.These features help out in building a full confidence in your skills.

  • Excellent quality and crucially a great fit.
  • Available in accurate perfect 5 sizes and three colors.
  • The strap gives additional support to the ankle.
  • They are well padded.
  • Snug fit.
  • Allow air flow.
  • Glue residue can be seen.

02: Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA Boxing Shoe – Best Boxing Training Shoes: Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA Boxing Shoe

You can get the heritage of the sports in addition to the boxing, MMA, Martial arts and wrestling through the MMA stingray escape shoes. These are light in weight, more durable and have an excellent stability. Due to being very soft and light in weight the Otomix stingray escape shoes, you have the countless range of mobilizations. These boots are made up of leather and synthetic material. Furthermore, by providing an excellent traction, they are considered to be most ideal. They have the thin sole and an extraordinary ankle support in the sense of more hard works. In addition to that, they are versatile shoes, because they can be used in boxing as well as in many other athletics. These boots have the perfect size and are more durable.

  • Good looking and have accurate size.
  • Availabe in 3 colors and 10 sizes.
  • Very light weighed.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Provides better support and protection.
  • Durable.
  • Versatile in nature.
  • Non.

01: Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top – Best Leather Boxing Shoes: Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Boxing Shoes - Black

Cleto Reyes Leather are specially manufactured as boxing equipment with light weight. The leather used for inner side soul contained a polyurethane and skid rubber sole slightly reduces the effects only. The fantastic quality of these shoes is that they can be mold in any shape of feet. The Cleto Reyes boxing shoes have lace up high which provides a suitable fit, and the broad upper avoided the flexion strain. It also dressed in a side zipper. You can get them in leather and even in suede as well. Finally, these shoes are more comfortable, reasonable and helpful to wear them in the ring.

  • Good looking, Well-made.
  • Perfectly fits in any shape of feet.
  • Rounded by strong zipper.
  • Size can be large with extra thin feet.

Noticeable Qualities & Benefits of Boxing Shoes:

As per our research on different brands and qualities, as well as a survey that we held to collect reviews from several players and trainers, We have arranges a set of brief information. In below article i tried to describe you a few aspects of structural design and quality features that can help us in choosing a perfect, reliable, durable and most suitable Boxing Shoe.

  • Got the axis
  • Simple nice design and comfortable structure.
  • Unique architecture and texture.
  • Weight and thickness of material.
  • Height and ankle support.

Perhaps it is the most common and apparent feature of boxing shoes that they can capture at the time of sliding the power, so your feet do not transmit. The execution of the feet affects the ordinary fighter. We know the non-boxing shoes seem to be very formidable. It also gives a pit support and ability to use it. You might find non-boxing shoes very good whenever you allowed to grip. Boots of other different non- boxing shoes appear on the way, the pitch is very minor, and these might be very upset. They do not give you enough, or they might give you a lot of grips. Some fighters who like shoes, they prefer boxing shoes and don’t mind they are little tricky. Some fighter like smooth shoes either they will have less grip. But I feel the best balance when the grip is tight and transfer of shoes still while connecting to the ground. On supporting you back, you must need enough grip,while it allowed you to the axis.

The second feature of the boxing shoes is its sole. It has a significant effect on your working, how are you keep balance, how are you move or grip and how are you throw punches, etc. The inner side sole should be comfortable and have a balance to stand. It should not feel unbalanced while standing in boxing shoes. Shoes must not so hard that you think enforcement on your feet inward or outward. You would be surprised to know how prevalent the problem is, you might replace the sole by new or comfortable one or might not. The width of a thing must be an essential clue, and some buyers choose the shoes with thin sole shoes so that can feel the grip on the ground. On the other hand, some people like to get thick-soled shoes so that they have to avoid ground pulling force and be more powerful. The other thing is the lower structure of the shoes. Commonly the flat surface shoes are selected because of that one feels standing directly on the surface of the ground. Some of those having minor bumps on its bottom surface, they thought that it keeps them in contact with the ground having a firm grip.

Toes,  heals and ankle structure:

The final thing on the topic is the manufacturing of toes and heels. Our survey on public compliments on choosing shoes gives a brief information about their choice, and some want to buy those shoes which have wrapped to cover the toes and heels. This provides a steady grip all over. I like thinner soles and feel more powerful. I noticed that thinner soles might make your feet wear out faster with less support. Then my feet are strong and healthy, and “extra work” does not bother me at all. For a beginner, they can make a difference, but you get used to it quickly. What you do not want is a thick sole, you feel too outrageous, which is familiar to many non-boxing sneakers. Shoes made for basketball are cushioned on all soles to prevent you from getting into contact with the ground for maximum power. You may also notice that non-boxing shoes have a raised heel that prevents you from sitting down to the maximum strength in your boxing. Another thing is the outer texture of the sole. Some of you may like a flat surface and feel like you are standing on the ground. Anyone of you may like ridges or small bumps because it feels more grip. I love the flat bottom. I hate jolting because it makes me feel more detached from the ground and just as balanced as I stood. Bumps also make me feel like I’m standing on the rocks. The last thing to notice is the construction of toes and heels. Some of you may like soles, soles, and heels in the soles. This can make the shoes feel longer, feel cleaner. Some may prefer that the sole be surrounded by a soft upper only at the bottom, toe, and heel, which may explore lighter, more fluid or more comfortable.

Thick enough provides perfect support for power transmission:

The weight and thickness are determined by the materials used and the allowable maneuverability. Lightweight feel from the lighter and thinner soles, thinner upper, and ankle degrees of freedom. The shoe starts to get heavier as the boot starts on thick soles, or a significant amount of fabric and top material, or restricts the movement of the ankle. You should go thick, thin? It depends on you. If you like to feel the floor, light shoes will feel Agilent, and maybe more powerful. More abundant and thicker shoes can feel more support and a more powerful feel, as you think it is unified your knees, ankles, and feet together exercise. Those who love lighter shoes will complain that thicker, more substantial shoes are restrictive and slowing their foot speed.

Comfortable, skin-breathable and ankle support:

One of the essential tasks of boxing shoes is to protect your ankles. As you know, ankle injuries are common in sports, and you can jump around, change angles often, and keep putting pressure on your ankles in all directions. Depending on your fighting style, boxing will put pressure on your ankles and knees. In boxing, you have three options for high shoes – low, medium and high. Flat toe up to the ankle. Mid-height shoes a few inches taller than that, high-top shoes almost reach your calf. The traditional view that “the higher the shoes, the more ankle support you get.” So, if you need a lot of ankle support, you can get a high top. If you want a lot of liquidity, then get low help and make your ankles more free to move. This has a lot to do with the production of your joints. If you are the kind of person who occasionally sprains the ankle, then you should be high above. It has a lot to do with genetic, combat style and personal preferences. I have a stable ankle, and I like the low top. There are some extra things to consider. First, the low-top enters a different range of “lower.” Some under the ankle, some on the ankle, and some even above the ankle. While this may not matter regarding ankle support, they do feel entirely different. So, also if you want low tops, I suggest you try different ranges of flat tops if you ‘re going to be a perfectionist.

Bottom Line:

When it comes to high ground, you should know that different models fit different ones. Some high top may feel the ankles too loose. It may still not enough for the ankle brace. While others may be too loose in the lower shin with lack of support or feeling annoying.  So you are recommended to carefully choose a reliable boxing shoe which one fits perfectly on your requirements and peace of mind. We hope above discussion if very helpful for you to make a good selection.

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