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Foil Shaver is one of the two advanced types of electric shavers. The use of manual razors for ficial hairs removing is a thing of past, now men and women prefer to use electric shavers. Best electric shavers is an advance tool that have been replaced manual razor shaving. Because, shaving with manual razors is very time consuming, painful and risky task as they can leave cuts on your skin. However, Electric shavers are fast, convenient and reliable to give a smooth, clean and silky shave as compared to manual razors.

Types of Electric Shavers – There are two popular types of electric shavers, Foil Shavers and Rotary Shavers. These electric shavers have become an appealing gadget for personal grooming. Moreover, it has many more benefits and cool features. These advanced shavers do not require and gel, lotion or foam to apply before shaving so these are also reducing the shaving cost. Best electric shavers equipped with sharp fast moving blades covered under a foil thing layer of metal. It protects the skin from blades to avoid cutting.

We find below foil shaver best among all available electric shavers on Amazon. 

Best Foil Shaver

In This Picture is Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 790cc

Men’s Electric Foil Shaver/Electric Razor, with Clean & Charge Station, Cordless

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Braun Electric Foil Shaver, Series 7 790cc + Clean & Charge Station, Cordless

If you love to groom and enhance your outlook, I recommend you to try Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 790cc that is best electric foil shaver. It is an advanced model to give you a smart shaving experience. The most suitable feature it reads and adapts the beard on your face to give you best performance on every use.

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver with Clean&Charge Station, 1 Count

Braun Electric Shaver equipped with 4 elements with the synchronizing system for smooth and comfortable one stroke shaving. Unlike manual razors and cheap quality shavers, it has micro-vibration technology to catch hairs even from hard to reach areas on your face. Furthermore, its Active-life trimmer function works perfectly on flat-lying hairs.

Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 790cc is a convenient, efficient and comfortable shaver for your regular use. Best shaving tool to stay confident and well-groomed all the time. You will love its Auto-sensing intelligent motor features specially designed for dense beards. So please don’t compromise on your basic grooming tool as well as on your priceless face skin by using low-quality shavers.

It is very handy to use with easy to adjustable five sensitive turbo modes. You can select your required suitable mode by pressing a button. You can enjoy cordless electric shaving for 50 minutes with only one hour charging. Moreover, it comes with a clean and charge station where you can charge it and put to stay cleaned and lubricated when not in use. So It will remain always neat and clean like day first.

Why Do We Recommend This? Features:-

  • German Made Electric Foil Shaver
  • Reads and Adapts skin and beard type
  • 4 Shaving elements (3 cutting/ one skin guard)
  • Adjustable five turbo sensitive modes
  • Efficiently catch hard to reach hairs
  • 100% waterproof, reliable, durable
  • 4-action alcohol-based Clean & Charge station
  • One hour charging for 50 minutes cordless shaving
  • 8 direction flexible head and floating shaving elements
  • 10,000 micro-vibrations shaving motor
  • Long lasting running up to 7 years.

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Foil Shaver ES-LV65-S

Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV65-S is an excellent electric foil shaver from the house of Panasonic. Panasonic is a well-known name in the electric home appliances and thousands of other advanced life gadgets. Today, we are talking about the subjected product that is a totally waterproof best quality electric shaver. It featured with advanced technology to give you a smooth, comfortable and fast shaving.

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor, Men's 5-Blade Cordless with Shave Sensor Technology and Wet/Dry Convenience, ES-LV65-S

It is a rechargeable cordless shaving machine with five blades fine cutting ability. Its 30 degree cutting edges are sharp and precise to give very close to skin shave.

The powerful linear motor is very fast with performance to give 14000 cutting actions in a minute on a single blade. When it comes to calculating all 5 blades the result is 70000 cuts in a minute. Is it not amazing? Arc 5 sensor technology works to automatically adjust the cutting density according to the beard’s level.

Convenient wet or dry shaving – As it is a waterproof and heavy duty foil shaver, it allows you to apply it on dry or wet shaving even with or without gel, foam or lotions. Moreover, you can enjoy your shaving routine while bathing in the shower.

Flexible pivoting shaving head – It can glide amazingly around the curves and shape of your face. It is very friendly for face skin to give a smooth and effortless shaving. Moreover, it can easily adjust according to your neck, face, chin, and jaw. You will groom and always confident with a glowing fresh shaved face every time.

Overall it works on an excellent ES-LV65 shaving mechanism that is also attached with a pop-up trimmer. This trimmer perfectly details mustaches and sideburns. You can check your shaving status on featured LCD. You can get 45 minutes of cordless shaving by only one-hour charging.


  • Portable cordless shaver best for traveling
  • Universal voltage charging
  • Secure and convenient traveling pouch
  • Safety lock to store when not in use
  • 5 ARC foil to capture all types of hairs
  • Perfect, smooth and closes clean shave
  • Hyper linear fast motor 70000 cuts per minute
  • Ideal for wet and dry shaving with or without foam/gel
  • Fully waterproof model
  • Ultra-thin and sharp five blades
  • Active shave sensing to auto adjust face and beard
  • Multi-Flex Pivoting Head flexes
  • Pop-up trimmer for detail sideburns and mustache
  • 100% washable, easy to clean
  • 45 minutes running in one-hour changing


  • According to a customer, after a long use, sometimes got loud grinding noise, but shaves great.


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