Best Christmas solar string lights Reviews 2018

The solar string lights especially for Christmas one of the best and Eco-friendly way to decorate your home, lawn trees with a combination of lovely colors. It’s working with simple assembling solar system that store energy all the day with the help of sunlight and provide current to light at night or time when sunlight not available. Best Solar Christmas light reviewsMoreover, you can turn off the light manually when you feel not further needs.

Its best string lights in days of Christmas holidays due to automatically turn them on during the night time. The combination of coloring provides you dreamland atmosphere or best decorative, strong lights. They are the best alternative of other expensive Christmas lights and affordable, safe lighting tool.

Many types or qualities solar Christmas decorations outdoor available on the market that best to different kinds of user’s requirements. In this article, we maximum try to provide best string lights collection for Christmas in the market pool after physically testing and compile the many user’s reviews.

Out Top Selection are below with maintain product sequence as per ranking:

We maintain the product table and each selective product briefly describe in below. Hope so this information provides you great help to choose best one.

Solar Globe String Lights, Innoo Tech Outdoor 19.7 ft 30 LED Warm White:

The one of the best String lights for Christmas due to Short time charging and provides light 8 to 10 hours continually the time of night. Its easily chargeable and NI-MH battery charge automatically on the time of sun light. The company made this battery with manganese. This affects ensuring that solar cell can be used even when cold outside even in winter.

Moreover, this solar external string lighting works very efficiently with the sun’s absorption and energy conversion. Their solar panels are adjusted, and as a result, light is possible. Also, these solar string lights are powerful. Once charged, they can last 6 to 8 hours before they have to be charged again.

Whole system is water resistant so you can easily use indoor as well as outdoor area. Its totally remain safe in out door areas from any weather condition. This solar string light very easy to operate and install. User friendly and only two Swatches so any expert required to set this.


  • Fast charging within 4 to 6 hours.
  • Emitted long time lights 8 to 10 hours.
  • Eco friendly and very durable in use.
  • Water resistant so best for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Auto on the time of night.

LUCKLED Outdoor Fairy Lantern Solar String Lights, 19.7ft 30 LED Christmas Globe Lights:

If you see perfect choice for both usage like indoor and outdoor for bright lighting on party then one of best model for you. Comes in globe shape that inside contains high quality LED. In this attached solar panel battery easily rechargeable  and also best for wedding parties. This string lights automatically on the time of sun set and battery proper charge with the help of sun light.

This lighting experienced by the Innoo Tech crew is an excellent option if you want sunlight to work both inside and outside. They are waterproof, so they are a good choice if you prefer your electronics to be durable. Taking advantage of the practical design of their solar panels, this lighting is the ideal option for sunlight lighting.

You charge them for 6 to 8 hours, but they will give you 8-10 hours of energy. Thanks to this efficient, rechargeable NI-MH battery, the lights are good for the environment. Moreover, light making is done by the manganese that ensures that you can browse the lighting battery in cold winter.


  • Both side useful indoor and outdoor.
  • Fast panel charging with sun light.
  • Auto on in dark light.
  • Globe shape with lining design from out side.
  • Bright LED light.

GDEALER Solar Outdoor String Lights 20ft 30 LED Water Drop Solar String Fairy Waterproof Lights:

That is water proof string light with 20ft lengthy wire so you can easily install from indoor and outdoor location. Its also best for trees decoration in days of Christmas. After continually fully charge you can get bright lighting up to 8 hours mean whole the night. Its also provides you romantic atmosphere and also best for your gardens, patio, lawn, porch, gate, yard, etc.

They also come in different color options, and you can use them for holidays except for Christmas as well. They have two modes, and these lights are the # 1 bestseller Ceiling moving and trim. It is readily available on Amazon, so you know you’re getting a good deal of Dealer.

Both modes lights have stands mode of continuous and flashing mode. You can also turn them off or disable thanks to the change that is more environmentally clean than other models. Its durable and provides you strong different coloring so you can set as per location nature. 


  • Its 6 ft Solar LED Light provide more fairy.
  • Easy and fast battery charging.
  • Generate continually 8 hours lights.
  • Double modes and easy setup.
  • Automatically on when dark sky comes.

Qedertek Solar String Lights, 21ft 50 LED Fairy Blossom Flower Garden Lights:

Very beautiful in looking that contains different coloring of blossom flowers with upper LED side adjustment. Its provides you romantic and charming atmosphere at any places on the days of Christmas. The successor LED light produces light sensor technology; They charge the sun and turn it once they are absorbed enough of sunlight. You can turn them on and what’s better on the environment than other models that only allow you to do it automatically.

They also come in 8 different modes so that you can create amazing light shows. They are waterproof and one unit equipped with 50 LEDs for maximum lighting. Their sweet shape, they are used to highlight your rock or backyard gardens. Its very easy to operate and durable LED Lights with provides maximum strong coloring combination.

You can use them for various decorative purposes, including your balcony, porch, or gate where they can be found with real flowers. They are not limited to just Christmas time decorating; They also have right decorations for weddings and parties.


  • Beautiful Blossom flowering shape.
  • Best string light to decorate any back ground.
  • Durable and easy to chargeable with sun light.
  • Multi functional and True strong coloring.
  • Its water proof so install out side.

Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights, 2 Modes Steady on / Flash, 150 LED, 72 Feet, Warm White:

This sunlight LED light has a beautiful, and high quality ornamented round, String light design that brings not only Christmas but also Russian architecture and Arabic design. They have engaged themselves when it’s dark, but they also have / off switch so that you can save their power when they are not used. They also have 2 lighting modes: stable, so that the light starts continuously and blinking.

The lights come in a string that is 72 feet long in this 125 LEDs Adjusted, so creating them is a relatively simple matter. They are waterproof, so they are ideal for both internal and external environments. Because of their multilateral form, they are a useful tool when it comes to general decoration, whether Christmas, any other holiday, a garden party, or a BBQ party.

You can change the multiple charging batteries that you do not have difficulty, some other models have easily found in online stores. When they are used, the Sun Led Light warm light will give you a lot of extreme bright light. That is best package if you want durable lights as well as strong coloring LEDs.


  • Efficient energy and durable Battery.
  • Best for tree and party decoration.
  • Low energy utilization you long run.
  • Easy in use and comes in two types modes.
  • Water proof so easily out side installation.

LUCKLED Solar String Lights, 20ft 30 LED Moon Lights With Light Sensor for Christmas Outdoor:

Best bright and warm lights for your home, Garden and all outdoor place days of Christmas. This lighting comes in green, red, yellow, blue and purple. With their light sensor technology, they charge when it’s sunny out, and turn on their own when it starts to get darker. However, you can turn them on or off even if you prefer.

The first moon solar string is well suited for all weather, including heavy snow. During the cold days of winter, they do not need their concerns. After they are charged, they can give you a continuous, stable light up to 8 hours, and they will help prepare your backyard with an engaging style so that it can be ready for the holiday season.

They are also a good option for indoor and not just a good option but in fact an amazing one, thanks to their cute, adorable shapes and designs. Its great long time working capability and amazing blighting lights. This light bear all types of weather due to water proof outer body surface.


  • Ideal LED side with outer moon design.
  • Extreme sunlight blighting.
  • Fully protected from weather due to water proof.
  • Long running time.
  • Best option to decorate your place in Christmas.

LUCKLED Starfish Solar String Lights, 20ft 30 LED Fairy Decorative Christmas Lighting for Indoor and Outdoor:

Its comes with stars design and wonderful choice to decorate any place like indoor or outdoor in Christmas holidays. In this solar string light company used light sensor technology so automatically turn on at night. Very easy to stat up and install any where. its come with solar panel and rechargeable battery. These lights are red, blue, orange, yellow, green and purple color and they form stars like a cute and whimsical way of lighting your home.

Their lighting sensor technology, along with their charging battery, is imposed on the energy mode when there are plenty of sunsets, then in the evening, evening and night hours. However, you can disable this feature by turning them off. There is also a switch to mode; It gives you 8 different modes so that you can play different types of light shows. They have multiple recharges that give you 8 hours of light before you still have to cover it.

With their unique shape, the original Starfish solar string is ideal for the home. They are also a smart way of decorating people who live in a warm or tropical climate. You can use them both in and out of the building. Imagine that they are shining on the private room! Outside the door, you can use them in the yard, gates, balconies, porches and outdoors in your homes like windows and railings.


  • Comes in star design that make your place amazing.
  • Water proof so best both indoor and outdoor.
  • Two push button for on/off simply.
  • Provide super long lighting duration.
  • Multiple functions and modes.

Icicle Solar String Lights, 16ft 20 LED 8 Modes Dragonfly Shaped Waterproof Decorative Fairy Lights:

That is simple and Eco friendly solar string light for Christmas with long run timing and more bright true coloring. Very easy to use that contains two types of button for on/off lighting. Icicle offers a large string of sunshine showers. Lampons are arranged for fans, including the light of color bodies that come with red, blue, green and yellow transparent wings. They provide you with a high brightness that can last up to 10 hours if the lights are fully charged.

Lighting has autonomous sensors; They are involved when it’s dark outside like an evening or when it’s out on the outside. They are long-term; They produce light years to years with same lighting quality. They have flashing mode as well as the mode that provides you with a stable stream of light. While they are automatically assembled in the sunlight when it’s clear out, you can turn them on to the convenient and shutdown.

With their beautiful design, they add a cute touch to your Christmas holidays. You can also use them to decorate your Christmas trees. In addition, they are a good choice for outdoor parties, including the wedding. Lighting is quite durable.


  • Long run and bright light.
  • Lights have 8 different modes.
  • Easy to control and simple functions.
  • With flashing mode and auto lighting.
  • Decorate max places

LUCKLED Chuzzle Ball Solar String Lights, 23ft 50 LED Fairy Decorative:

This string lights contains chuzzle designing for best for all types of parties as well as Christmas holidays. Its also provides you long working time in this company build auto lunch technology for energy saving. These string lights are like butterflies, and it comes at affordable price. One model is equipped with a few colors of yellow, peach, blue and green that enhance their beauty. The 12 light produces each with optical fiber and LED technology.

They are very bright light, which is ideal for those places where the night is dark. They work effectively, so you know that buying them is a right decision. They have a regular regime and a desperate regime. In the usual way, this model will provide you from 4 to 8 pm. In the flashing mode, however, you can get light from 6 to 20 hours. A lot of sunshine lights offer a lifespan of up to 20 minutes without stopping.

Assembly light is natural; You need to put a bet that is packed in their place, and at the top of it in the solar panel. Then you just need a string of lights up where your heart wants a simple thing in a 2-meter power line and that’s it. As soon as lighting charges you get beautiful, bright lighting. Because of their fun shape, they are suitable for Christmas as other special occasions.   


  • Its Provides you multi place decoration.
  • Strong charging supply.
  • Rechargeable battery with long run.
  • Comes in multiple mode and coloring.
  • Durable and weather resistant.

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