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The best dog nail grinder is an advanced tool to trim toenails of your pet dog in easy and stressless way. It is more comfortable and effortless tool than a nail clipper. These days, dog nail grinders are widely in use due to their convenient features and ease of use. But it depends only on the selection of a proper and reliable model that can give you the required combination of grinding tool and motor power. Best nail grinding tips are also considerable for safe and perfect nail trimming.

best dog nail grinder 2019

Why it is important to trim your dog nails?

If you have pet dogs and want them to keep healthy and safe, it is necessary to trim their nails on time and properly. A dog who use to roaming on roads or walk on concrete can naturally trim his nails. But a pet dog who mostly stay inside requires us to trim his nails. Un-trimmed and long nails of dog can harm himself. Long nails of dog also cause many health risks and infections for the whole family.

When does a dog require to trim his nails? The nails length and time to trim

According to the expert veterinarian, dog nails should not click on floor surface in normal walking. When you notice this level of dog nails, it is time to trim them. In other words, a pet dog averagely requires toenail trimming in every one or two months, but it may little vary breed to breed.

Before discus further aspects of this topic, let me show you the #1 best dog nail grinder that we place on the top of our best pick list. Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool is the best selling and on top in our picks.

Best-Selling Editor’s Choice

#01. Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

The Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V pet nail beauty tool is wireless and powered by a rechargeable battery. This makes it more portable and easy to use compared to other grinders, but it also adds some extra weight to the end of the tool, which sometimes makes it feel unbalanced. The Dremel grinding machine is the gold standard for hand tools. It has a power of 4.8 volts and is powerful enough for dogs of any size, but if used properly, it will not cause damage to the dog’s nails.

The grinder has two-speed settings making it an excellent choice for large and small dogs. Most importantly, the grit used on the tip of the tool has a few degrees of roughness and is simple and inexpensive to replace. Although Dremel’s initial purchase price is above average, it makes Dremel an affordable option.

Why We Like This:

  • Two speeds make efficient and convenient
  • Precise grinding faster and easier
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes, even dogs with hard nails
  • Rechargeable battery pack makes it more powerful than other wireless options

#02. Oster Gentle Paws Advanced Nail Grinder

The tool is ergonomically curved and comfortable to hold the dog’s nails, but using safety guards can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, especially if you have a swinging dog. In general, this is an affordable and safe option for owners of small and medium-sized dogs. Perhaps the most notable thing about this tool is its quiet motor. If your pet is sensitive to loud noise and has had problems dealing with more powerful tools in the past, then Oster Gentle Paws may be a perfect choice.

Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder has a variety of features and is ideal for nail trimming. This is a particularly good option for small dogs because the protective safety guard prevents you from trimming when you are close to the dog.

Why Do We Like This?

  • Safety guards prevent dust from entering
  • Protect your dog’s sensitivity
  • For small dogs and dogs with dark toenails, this is a good choice.
  • Relatively cheap and using standard batteries

Herzko electric pet nail trimmer

The first thing about this grinder is the brand itself. Hertzko is a universally trusted pet grooming brand because it creates a mainstream choice not only for dogs but also for various species.

Enough power. The product offers powerful thousands of rpm to meet all your grinding needs. The energy content is especially important when treating the dog’s hardest and hardest nails.

Easy to experience. Hertzko not only excels in its effectiveness but also excels in ease of use. Quiet, rechargeable, portable (USB charging), non-intrusive, lightweight, one of the most comfortable alternatives to handle it.

Ultra-quiet motor. We found that this special product is designed with low noise and low vibration levels to reduce the fear of pets when manicuring nails

Improve accuracy. Although it looks silly, nailing is actually an art. The more you try, the better you are. Hertzko has a finger grip that allows the user to be more autonomous and ensures the freedom required to polish the nail into a perfect shape.

Size of the nail: The Hertzko pet nail polisher is a versatile product because its long head allows pet owners to use grinders on a variety of pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and even birds.

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