Top 10 Best Manual Knife Sharpener 2019 Reviews & Buying Tips

The best manual knife sharpeners helps you to save your money, time as well as provides you efficient knife edges. Frequently the knife requires sharpening, although this process removes more material from the knife edge.

This all relies on the user requirements of your knives. If you use the knives mostly, you need to have sharpening process greatly. While if you use the knife, you need little to sharpen it. Lots of individual take manual sharpeners to sharpen their knives. However, the manual or hand-sharpening requires some skill. Not everyone wants to learn or know how to sharpen the knives.

Which portable ice maker is best? Our readers have spoken!

These are THEIR picks for the Top 10 Best Manual Knife Sharpener 2018.

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Our readers picked these 10 Best Manual Knife Sharpener as the best options for home and professional kitchen.

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Our Rating

Buy Premium Knife Sharpening Stone Kit

Premium Knife Sharpening Stone Kit

  • Japanese Grits 800/3000
  • Works with water only
  • 15-degree angled base
  • incl. cleaning/lapping stone
  • Best for Meat, Boning & Outdoor Knives
  • Dimensions 8.2 x 2.8 x 1.5 inches
Buy Kangever Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Kangever Kitchen Knife Sharpener

  • 2-stage sharpening system
  • Multifunctional Coarse and Fine Sharpener
  • For straight and Serrated Knives
  • Safe, versatile, and easy-to-use
  • Dimensions 7.87” x 2.77” x 1.98”
Buy Vremi 4 Stage Manual Knife Sharpener

Vremi 4 Stage Manual Knife Sharpener

  • 4 Stage Knife Sharpener
  • Best for steel and ceramic knives
  • Non-slip base for safety and ease of use
  • Dimensions 8.50 in x 1.5 in x 3.25 inches
Buy Best Manual Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener

Best Manual Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener

  • 2 stage knife sharpener
  • Suitable for all types of steel knives
  • Coarse slot and fine ceramic slot
  • Non-slip grip bottom
  • Dimensions 8 x 2.2 x 2.5 inches
Buy MABOLON 3-Stage Manual Knife Sharpener

MABOLON 3-Stage Manual Knife Sharpener

  • 3-Stage professional Knife Sharpener
  • Works on steel and ceramic knives and scissors
  • Equipped with natural loofah cleaning cloth
  • Non-slip base, comfortable safe to use
  • Dimensions 0.7 x 0.3 x 0.2 inches
Buy PriorityChef Precision Knife Sharpener

PriorityChef Precision Knife Sharpener

  • 2-Stage premium-quality sharpening
  • Works on all types steel knives
  • non-slip secured cushioned base
  • Non-slip base, comfortable safe to use
  • Dimensions 2.9 x 2 x 8.6 inches
Buy Kitchen knife sharpner set steel diamond,ceramic sharpeners

Kitchen knife sharpner set steel diamond,

  • 3-Stage Diamond Coated Wheel System
  • Sharpens Dull Knives Quickly
  • Nice Handle and non skid pads
  • Non-slip base, comfortable safe to use
  • Dimensions 8.2 x 3.1 x 2.3 inches
Buy Chef’sChoice 4643 ProntoPro Diamond Hone Manual Knife Sharpener

Chef’sChoice 4643 ProntoPro Diamond Hone Manual Knife Sharpener

  • 3-stage manual sharpener
  • Perfect European/American/Asian Style knives
  • Criss-Cross sharpening technology
  • Angle control for 15 and 20 degree edges
  • 100% diamond abrasives in stages 1, 2,3
  • Dimensions 9.2 x 2 x 2 inches
Buy KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

  • 2 Stage Knife Sharpener
  • Coarse for dull and damaged knives
  • Fine for polishing the knife
  • Best for Euro/American style knives
  • Non-slip base stability & control
  • Dimensions 4.3 x 2.1 x 5.9 inches

Top 10 Best Manual Knife Sharpener 2018:

While the Electric sharpeners are faster as compared to manual and as well as requires little skill. But these are not safe to use due to fast speed. If you are also searching or looking for multi-functional and manual knife sharpeners, then don’t be worried. Best manual knife sharpeners are very easy and safe to use. They provide your knives desired shape edges. It is just because, knife sharpeners exists in colossal variety of configurations. You just need to look for right type of sharpener well-designed and aimed for knife sharpening purpose of all style of knives. You should opt for most durable, sturdy and reliable sharpener. Our team made the great effort in this content. In order to find the top ten sharpeners, we had spent much more time and brought with descriptions, features, pro, and cons of every product. Hope so, Our try will help you effectively. Below are ten top knife sharpeners.

10. Love This Kitchen Premium Home Knife Sharpener Stone Kit. Japanese Grits 800/3000 For Long-Lasting Sharpness in Meat, Boning & Outdoor Knives:

Premium Knife Sharpening Stone with Dual Whetstone, Japanese Grits 800 & 3000. Larger 8.25 x 2.75 Sharpener for Meat, Poultry & All Kitchen Knives. Complete Kit with Safe Non-Slip Case, Lapping Stone

Love This Kitchen Premium Home Knife Sharpener Stone Kit is well known and handsome knife sharpener. It is designed looking profession requirements. However, while you are preparing your meal the most dangerous one knife is a dull knife. It creates disturbance or hinders cutting. To avoid all of these problems, Love This Kitchen Premium Home Knife Sharpener Stone Kit bring an excellent job for such dull blades. It enhances their performance. This stone system includes almost 800 coarse grit stone. The 3000 grit stone polishes the edge to astounding sharpness. This product is featured with exclusive, patent non-slip dual base. It is highly designed for sharpening the knife blades quickly and more conveniently. After sharpening, place this stone back to its place in the kit. There are design specific holes to air follow. Furthermore, these holes allow the stone to dry. This quality does not corrode the product. It can sharpen the ten larger knives, small knives. Additionally, it sharpens the pen and buck knives as well. Unless other brands, Love This Kitchen Premium Home Knife Sharpener Stone Kit comes with a simple dual angle plastic case.

Product Features:

  • This brand enhances the fortitude for meat and poultry knives.
  • Referred to professional-grade knives without any irritation.
  • It stimulates the sharpness of dull edges knives with an 800 fortitude stone.
  • Love this kitchen brings a latest affordable kit with right grit for your kitchen cutlery.
  • Performs well; lasts for long a while.
  • Exclusive; dual-based design equipped with flexible plastic case.
  • Provides smooth, non-slip bottom for safe sharpening
  • Comes in high quality, sturdy plastic
  • Includes cleaning r lapping stone, online video tutorial, manual instructions.
  • Has 60-day money back warranty,
  • This knife sharpener works well.
  • Very efficient
  • Comes with two grits to cover all sorts of knives at your kitchen
  • The stone is bit soft

09. Kangever Kangever Kitchen Knife Sharpener,2 Stage Black Diamond Knife Sharpening Tools for Straight and Serrated Knives, Professional Manual Knife Sharpeners:

Kangever Kitchen Knife Sharpener,2 Stage Black Diamond Knife Sharpening Tools for Straight and Serrated Knives,Professional Manual Knife Sharpeners with Coarse and Fine Sharpening System for Knives

Kangever Kitchen Knife Sharpener is designed as multi-functional equipment for enhancing the performance of your knives efficiently. This product is made up of Stainless steel. Other accessories included for manufacturing are Tungsten steel and ABS plastic. Comes equipped with ceramic rods for honing or brightening the knives and tungsten carbide rods ready for blunt knives.  Furthermore, its specially designed hook can dig out the potato eye easily. You can also hang it up while not in use.

Product Features:

  • An angled slot has been fixed for sharpening dull blades.
  • Equipped with aggressive portable components, non-slip rubber feet, and soft grip handle.
  • Non-slip base provides safe sharpening.
  • Keeps any straight edge steel knife sharp for long
  • Ergonomic designed; comfortably sharpens the knives; durable construction
  • Comes with dual-stage sharpener
  • Versatile, safe and easy to use and less time consuming
  • Works perfectly even with high quality, hard blades and serrated blades.
  • Dimensions: 7.87” x 2.77” x 1.98”
  • Weighed about 4.93 Ounces
  • Includes 1 x Multi-functional kitchen knife sharpener
  • Well designed.
  • Perfect for efficient working
  • Lightweight; sharpener or whetstone much better than another sharpener
  • Easy to use
  • It’s the bit difficult to use as compared to other sharpeners.

08. Vremi 4 Stage Manual Knife Sharpener – Kitchen Knife Sharpener 2 Slots Each With Steel and Ceramic:

Vremi 4 Stage Manual Knife Sharpener - Kitchen Knife Sharpener 2 Slots Each With Steel and Ceramic Rod - Handheld Sharpening for Stainless Steel Blade Chef Paring Fillet Steak and Japanese Knife - Red

Vremi 4 Stage Manual Knife Sharpener eventually sharpens the kitchen knives. This product is considered as a perfect knife sharpener. It makes the dull and corroded knives sharpest one. Furthermore, this tool keeps your knife in tip-top shape. With the help of this sharpener, your knives get ever ready to use. It comes equipped with four slots for sharpening the standard and Asian-style knives. There are also manufactured steel rods blades for restoring dull edges and ceramic rods for honing.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for sharpening all sorts of standard and Asian-style knives easily.
  • 4-stage design knife sharpener; 4-slots for sharpening
  • 2fine ceramic rods for honing
  • Two hard carbide steel blades for coarse sharpening
  • Small and convenient to use
  • Provides easy and safe handling
  • Dimensions: 8.50” x 1.5” x 3.25”
  • Easy even for novice users; quick and effective
  • Available in different colors
  • Most comfortable to use for honing.
  • Works well as compared to others
  • Few swipes give very sharp knives
  • Not too sturdy.

07. Zulay Kitchen Best Manual Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives, Ceramic & Tungsten – Sharpening for Dull Steel, Paring, Chefs and Pocket Knives:

Zulay Premium Quality Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives Stainless Steel Ceramic and Tungsten - Easy Manual Sharpening for Dull Steel, Paring, Chefs and Pocket Knives, Sharpens Scissors

Zulay Kitchen Best Manual Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener is specially designed for most comfortable sharpening. This tool allows for the best of both the worlds. It provides coarse slot will revive the dull knives, while the ceramic slot hones and polishes it perfectly. It effectively sharp the razor blades in minimum time. Nevertheless, the non-slip stage prove de steady and convenient grip. This tool has capability to sharpen the following knives. Including stainless steel, ceramic,  small, large, hard steel as well as hunting and fishing knives. It comes in ergonomic design great for handy, and sharpening is effortless. This model is sturdy and quite easy to use. This construction is durable and long-lasting knives sharpener. Moreover, Zulay Kitchen Best Manual Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener comes at affordable price. Have 100% satisfaction or money back warranty. You can just use it for professional purposes.

Product Features:

  • A perfect tool for keeping your kitchen, pocket, utility and hunting knives sharp in less time.
  • Equipped with Tungsten Carbide blades, tilted at slight angles
  • Provides ideal sharpness for meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits, and fish.
  • Premium quality rounded ceramic honing system
  • Repairs small nicks and even imperfection from the edge of knives.
  • Non-slip base and ergonomic handle give safe and sound grip and convenient sharpening.
  • Very Convenient to use.
  • Well designed, Offers superb sharpness
  • Comes at reasonable price
  • Small in size; quite sturdy
  • Nice handle for gripping
  • Serrated steak knife is quite tough task to sharpen.

06. MABOLON Knife Sharpener, MABOLON 3-Stage Manual Multifunction Kitchen Knife Sharpening System tool:

Knife Sharpener, MABOLON 3-Stage Kitchen Knife Sharpener, Helps Repair, Sharpening for All Dull Knife,Scissors Chefs and Pocket Knives,Cleaning Cloth Included

MABOLON Knife Sharpener is a multi-functional, reliable knife sharpener. It is constructed as a 3-stage professional knife sharpener. This product is well designed and is proved as the best one among the variety of sharpeners. It works efficiently even on all kind, size, and style of blades. These knife blades may include fishing, kitchen and hunting knives. MABOLON Knife Sharpener is equipped with tungsten blades, ceramic rods or diamond rods. These features sharpen the every type of knife depending on the type how dull it is. Furthermore, this package also contains the natural loofah cleaning cloth. This cloth is not sticky oil and is more convenient to wipe cutter and clean metal chips.

Product Features:

  • Multi-functional designed for professional use also
  • Works efficiently sharpens all sorts of blade size and styles.
  • Diamond rods, ceramic rods., tungsten blades, standard sharpeners knife blades
  • Quite easy to use; provides comfortable and non-slip base
  • Ergonomically designed soft grip handle
  • Sturdy ABS plastic, durable handles
  • Easy to clean;
  • This package includes 1x kitchen knife sharpener, 1x cleaning cloth
  • Best quality sharpener.
  • Have the option to fine, ceramic or coarse rely on the type of knife what kind it is.
  • Provided with rubber-based bottom to sit stable
  • Easy to use; works great
  • Superior to others
  • Given instructions are clear and easy to follow.
  • None

05. Priority Chef PriorityChef Precision Knife Sharpener, Designed To Create Sharp, Hollow-Finish Knife Edge, Patented Manual Tool with Non-Slip Steel Bottom:

PriorityChef Precision Knife Sharpener, Designed To Create Sharp, Hollow-Finish Knife Edge, Patented Manual Tool with Non-Slip Steel Bottom - Safe and Easy to Use

Priority Chef Knife Sharpener is the best one sharpener among the variety of sharpeners. If you are looking for a premium quality sharpener, then don’t be worried. Priority Chef Knife Sharpener comes equipped with premium quality steel sharpener. It is highly recommended by the expert and professional chefs. This one provides you sharped knife blades, and you will get rid of dull ones. This all makes your working in kitchen efficient. Also, you can avoid cuts during preparing for the meal. What’s more, it also provides the user a friendly and safer cooking environment. It enables you to work faster and easier. Priority Chef Knife Sharpener generates a hollow finish which results in a sharper point.

Product Features:

  • Premium quality sharpening tool
  • Recommended by professional chefs and culinary experts
  • Equipped in ergonomic and patented design handle
  • Provides comfy, safety and convenience grip
  • Comes with non-slip cushioned base
  • Sharpens the dull and coarse knives
  • Dual-stage sharpening system
  • Contains two slots, hard steel blades marked as “Coarse”; soft steel blades marked for “Fine.”
  • Quick and easy sharpening
  • Comes with 100% satisfaction or money back warranty.
  • Great sharpener, performs well
  • Ergonomically designed handle for more comfortable grip
  • Easy to use
  • Left-handed and right-handed use it effectively
  • Comes at reasonable price
  • More durable as compared to others
  • Not too sturdy

04. Yvonne Tsai knife sharpener machine with handle, kitchen knife sharpener set steel diamond, ceramic sharpeners kit tool for handheld portable pocket knifes:

Kitchen knife sharpner set steel diamond,ceramic sharpeners kit tool for handheld portable pocket knifes, professional kitchen sharpening system work folding

Are you looking for a high-quality sharpener? Let’s choose the Yuonne Tsai knife sharpener. This product brought the solution for all of your failures at kitchen life. If either the blunt knife fails to cut the food, here you need a sharpener of the best quality. This product gives you more comfortable and quick sharpening to your knife. This [product is featured as a multi-functional sharpener. It makes your knife blades sharp for long. It equipped with a non-skid base which provides stability to hold the bottom. It is very secured and easy to use. How does this kit work? It smooths all of the possible nicks and imperfections that hinder cutting. I sharpen all type of blades including 2’s precision angled tungsten carbide plates to create perfect sharpening. Moreover, this product is also able to remove the burs and gently polishes the blade edges.


  • Not a dishwasher safe, so don’t put in it.
  • It is not well suited for serrated knives or scissors.
  • Kep out of the access of kids.
  • During the process of sharpening, some blades can discolor, that is normal.

Product Features:

  • Easy to grip handle; very easy and efficient to sharpen
  • Compact, sturdy and easy to use
  • Well-designed
  • 3-stage diamond coated wheel system
  • Lasts for a while, durable
  • Non-slip base for secured use and convenient grip
  • Provides 100% satisfaction and full money back warranty, risk-free product, and service
  • Perfect sharpener
  • Performs efficiently, well-designed
  • Reliable; durable lasts for longer
  • 3-stage base; compact and sturdy
  • Easy to grip handle and more convenient to use
  • None

03. HoDrme HoDrme 3 Stage Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener-Designed for Straight Edge Blade, Paring Knife, Fruit Knife, Chef Knife and Specialty Knife:

It becomes much hard and challenging to prepare food with the blunt or damaged knife at all. HoDrme 3 Stage Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener brought a great surprise and excellent product. It reduces your effort and stress. As it is very compact and sturdy product that sharpens your knife blades easily. It Diamond 3 stage sharpening system helps you in sharpening the specific knife suitable for it. It is a multi-functional sharpening slot. Additionally, this product is ergonomically designed for sharpening the kitchen knives. Very easy and secured to use. With the help of this single product, users can sharpen all sized knives. It does not matter what kind of the blade it is.

Instructions for using:

  • Always place the sharpener on a stable and flat surface.
  • Hold it with the steady grip.
  • After this, select the suitable slot for sharpening (depending on knife material).
  • Position the knife for the heel of the knife’s blade at the starting point of the slot.
  • Don’t apply downward pressure.
  • Don’t move the edge to and fro in the slot. Put the knife re-position again with the heel at the top of the slot.


  • Not suitable for serrated knives or scissors,
  • Not a dishwasher safe.
  • Keep away from the children.
  • The color of some blends may be scratched, it’s normal.

Product Features:

  • Well designed, best and decent sharpener tool
  • Comes wrapped with 3 stage sharpening system
  • 3 stage system includes ceramic grinding for ceramic knives
  • Excellent girding for burrs and polish edges.
  • Coarse girding for blunt or damaged edges.
  • Slip-resistant base; countered handle
  • Safe and easy to use; easy to clean
  • Grinder head is removable
  • Sharpener case is made of premium quality ABS plastic
  • The plastic used is sturdy, durable and well designed which lasts for a long time
  • 100% satisfaction and 60-day money back warranty
  • Good solution for blunt or damaged knives.
  • Well-designed; sturdy
  • Works excellent, compact and easy to use
  • Multi-functional
  • None

02. Chef’s Choice 4643 ProntoPro Angle Select Diamond Hone 3 Stage Manual Knife Sharpener:

Chef’s Choice 4643 ProntoPro Angle Select Diamond Hone 3 Stage Manual Knife Sharpener is trust-worthy and perfect sharpener. It is highly recommended by professionalist and expert chefs. It is suitable even for almost all styles of knives around the world. This product is straightforward to use. Moreover, sleek and highly styled manual sharpener applies 15-degree edges for Asian style knives while 20-degree edges for European/American style knives.By using these definitive angle guides, you will able to get almost 100% diamond abrasive wheels. However, their acclaimed cross-cross sharpening technology provides the best sharpness. It also provides sturdy, durable and arch-shaped edges with lots of bites.

Product Features:

  • Very quick and efficient sharpener.
  • Manufactured as 3-stage perfect manual sharpener for Asian, European, American style knives
  • Perfect for santoku, Pocket, Kitchen and Sports knives
  • Comes in cross-cross sharpening technology
  • Burr-free edge with lots of bites
  • It uses 100% diamond abrasives in 3-stages
  • Supports precise bevel angle about 15 – 20-degree edge
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Featured with soft touch handle for comfortable and safe grip
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Powerful and trust-worthy sharpener
  • Suitable for almost all styles of knives available in the world
  • Works superbly; sturdy; durable
  • Super easy to use
  • Overall highly recommended.
  • Convenient, usable sharpener
  • Bit costly.

01. KitchenIQ KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener:

KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener, Black

KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grid Knife Sharpener is small-sized sharpener. But it is very suitable for all sizes and styles of knives. This pint-size tool is z workhorse in the kitchen. You can use it easily and quickly to sharpen your favorite knives. This product maintains the sharpness of your dull and blunt knives. This sharpener pulls through the coarse slot includes carbide blades. It preset angles to bring a dull knife back to life fastly. This small sized sharpener is ideal for string this in your kitchen drawer easily. It performs excellent performance and smarter product for your kitchen tools. Its excellent slot on the grip edges is ideal for regular use knives. On the other side, the Ceramics rod polishes the knife edges and also keep it sharp. Apparently, a sharp knife provides definite working in your kitchen.


Product Features:

  • Available in three different colors, Black, Red, and Green
  • Stimulates for blunt and damaged knives
  • Well designed, suitable for polishing the knife and quick touch-ups
  • Compact and patented Edge Grip Features allows the user to get sharper on the edges of the table
  • It prevents the tip of larger knives from dragging over the surface of counter
  • Portable, easy to store
  • Comes with non-slip base, (it provides stability and control)
  • Constructed with Stainless steel; carbide sharpening material
  • Steady work efficiently
  • Works well
  • Highly recommended
  • Sturdy, carbide material is used
  • Very cheap price
  • Very small

The Last Words:

In the massive variety of knife sharpeners, it is the bit difficult to choose the best one. Which sharpener is best for you entirely rely on your skills and as well as on your knife material. If the knife is made up of ceramic material; it is harder than steel knives. These knives could not be sharpened with traditional sharpeners. Some knives can be sharpened on one side blade while some others on both sides of the modules. However, the edge of the knife depends on the style and size of the knife. All sorts of the sharpness could not handle the serrated knives. At last, you have to consider that you require more than one sharpener simultaneously for vast ranging styles of knives. There are few case and kit are available which helps you in sharpening your knife accurately. Some of them are electrical power sharpeners. Some are nonelectrical while others are a manual stroke.


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