Top 12 Best Star Projector Reviews & Buying Guide 2019

Home decoration is an excellent fun all over the world. Most usually, everyone wants to make the home more beautiful with different elements. Star Projector plays a vital role in this fun, which makes your place more attractive. The Star Projector is an electronic device to enhance your mode and special events.

It uses to project colorful, charming and smooth graphical lighting. Star Projector helps you to bring the moon and stars into your home. Besides, it displays glamorous stars on the ceiling, walls, or other screens. Even decorating your bedroom is a fun task due to the physical limitations. No matter what kind of room decoration you are using to make your room beautiful, romantic and fun.

There are many different uses for star projectors to express our moments. Simple, you can use them as a night light tool. It is a nice way to add more romance to the bedroom of a lovely couple. Star projectors are very helpful to get a sweet dream sleep for children. It can be a value added the part to your indoor and outdoor party events.

Now, we have our own picks, but we think what our readers say is MUCH more valuable to you.

Our readers picked these Top 12 Best Star Projector as the best options for a home decoration.

We think they made some great picks this year! For example, this Star Projector is their #1 choice – and it’s a good one!

On this page, you can read THEIR reviews, compare prices AND see which of the Top 10 are on sale TODAY.

Ok, let’s jump in and review the Best Star Projector…

Top 12 Best Star Projector



Our Rating

Buy Newest Night Light, Multiple Colors Star

Newest Night Light, Multiple Colors Star

  • LED Colorful lighting
  • Warm white, Blue, Red & Green
  • Auto Shut Off Timer
  • maximum time of 995 minutes
  • Runs on both Battery & Adapter
Buy SOAIY Soothing Aurora

SOAIY Soothing Aurora

  • Projector with Timer & Remote
  • Music Speakers
  • 8 Lighting Modes
  • Relaxing Light Show
  • Mood Lamp for Baby Kids, Adults, Living Room
Buy Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light

  • 3 Soothing Lighting
  • Colors Blue, Green and Amber
  • Create magical, tranquil environments
  • 45 minute timer
  • Includes three AAA batteries
Buy Star Shower Motion Laser Light by Bulb Head

Star Shower Motion Laser Light by Bulb Head

  • Hassle-Free Holiday Decorating
  • Sparking or Still Red and Green
  • Cover up to 3200 Square Feet
  • Indoor base, and lawn stake
Buy SOAIY Rotation Sleep Soothing Color Changing Aurora

SOAIY Rotation Sleep Soothing Color 

  • 8 Light Projection Modes
  • Build-in Speaker
  • Relaxing Light Show
  • Mood Light for Baby Nursery
  • Attain a relaxing and calming effect
Buy XIAZUO Star Projector,Bedroom Night Light for Baby

XIAZUO Star Projector,Bedroom Night 

  • 4 Amazing LED lights
  • 3 Lighting Modes
  • Romantic Rotating Cosmos
  • Bedroom night light
  • Run on Batteries, USB, & Adapter
Buy Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star

Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star

  • 4 Amazing LED lights
  • 3 Lighting Modes
  • Romantic Rotating Cosmos
  • Bedroom night light
  • Run on Batteries, USB, & Adapter
Buy Laser Stars Indoor Light Show

Laser Stars Indoor Light Show

  • green laser and holographic technology
  • Class II Laser Product
  • Built in 4 hour timer
  • Create Thousands of Stars
  • AC Adapter Included
Buy Laser Stars Hologram Projector

Laser Stars Hologram Projector

  • Green Laser and Holographic
  • 2 Built-In Precision Glass Lenses
  • Plug n Play, Run on Adapter
  • Auto Off & Light Timer
  • AC Adapter Included
Buy Airsspu Night Light LED Moon

Airsspu Night Light LED Moon

  • (A,B,C) Three Different Lighting Modes
  • Quiet & Relaxing
  • Runs On Batteries, Charger, Powerbank and PC
Buy Elecstars LED Night Lighting Lamp Moon

Elecstars LED Night Lighting Lamp Moon

  • Cosmos Projector Night Lamp
  • 3 Lighting Models
  • Run on AAA Batteries or USB power Cable
  • Amazing for Children
  • Romantic for Couples
Buy In My Room 3D Star Theater Tabletop

In My Room 3D Star Theater Tabletop

  • Amazing 3-D images
  • Includes 3-D Glasses
  • Free 60-Day Tech Support
  • Runs on AAA Batteries
  • Constellations, stars, planets and mor

Top 12 Best Star Projector Reviews & User Guide 2018:

There are various models available on the market. You can choose the best one from different shape, sizes, and features which one suites on your mode. Some projectors are compact and portable, while others can be fix to the wall. After a busy and tired day, you will have a perfect night looking at the real sky of the stars. Moreover, you can rest assured that buying a star projector will be a good investment in your life.

The following are the Top 12 Best Star projectors we selected in our review. We have spend many hours to research, test and selected for our kind readers. We hope it will be very helpful for you to choose a best one for you.

#12. In My Room 3D Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector:

In My Room 3D Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector

In My Room, 3D Start Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector becomes the best deal if you want an ideal LED Star Projector. This product lasts for long a while. This Starlight projector comes with a high-quality lens system that gives you a perfect focus. This is useful when your room has different irregular walls and ceilings. You can easily adjust the focal length of the lens to your liking. The device not only projects thousands of bright stars of different brightness but also shows a quick look of planetary galaxies. This view seems ideal for space lovers and children who enjoy space and astronomy. This optical planetarium projection system has powered by domestic electricity, and the device has a shiny, stylish look. The source of the high-quality light beam is ultra-high brightness LED with white light. The projector is firm and compact, ensuring portability.

  • They make great Moon in the room.
  • Perfectly suitable for kids who are interested in astronomy
  • Nice-looking and easy to set up and use.
  • This is an extreme product for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Its Battery contains low-Quality Material.
  • There is no wide angle brilliant background as shown in the video.

#11. Elecstars LED Night Lighting Lamp -Elecstars Light Up Your Bedroom With This Moon, Star,Sky Romantic:

LED Night Lighting Lamp -Elecstars Light up Your Bedroom with This Moon, Star,Sky Romantic - Best Gift for Men Women Teens Kids Children Sleeping Aid

The best Gift for Gives your Friends on birthday and other Events. The Elecstars LED Night Lighting Lamp Elecstars Light Up Your Bedroom With This Moon, Star,Sky Romantic is the best Star Projector which more than just a projector that will make your bedroom more beautiful, but it is also ideal for decorating parties, romantic nights, Christmas and even weddings. It has a rotating part that changes the night sky projection every minute, and 3600 turns you with a variety of moving stars. This Cosmo projector will make sure you have your sky in your room. The device is powered by the same power source used by other devices on the market. Use four 3-cell batteries to turn on the projector or use a USB cable to connect the device to the power source. The beauty of the design is that when it’s off, it matches almost any color, making sure your home decor is protected and improved.

  • All kids and You must love this.
  • Wonderful Design with Attractive Colored LED.
  • A great projection lamps
  • Small in size and very pretty Shape.
  • Makes with Cheap Material and easily broken.
  • Installed Buttons in the very cheap material.

#10. Airsspu Night Light LED Moon and Star Romantic Rotating Sky:

Airsspu Night Light LED Moon and Star Projector gives you natural Galaxy Atmosphere. It is a circular night bulb, which can project the beauty of the galaxy on your ceiling. This device is ideal for playgroup, as well as you can use it as a decorative light. The projector has three different lighting modes. Mode A provides a warm and bright night light. The next mode gives you the colorful light combinations and patterns, including monochrome blue, green, or red. The projector has powered by four 3A batteries. Moreover, you can also connect it to power via USB. The next mode rotates this spherical star projector. Therefore, it can project a star galaxy against the wall. This lighting ball can turn 3600, and makes you assure that the light pattern is not the queen. The rotary movements of the unit do not make a loud noise. In addition, you can relax with the light in a calm and quiet environment.

  • Its provides you very nice and lovely night lights.
  • That is very soothing and easily spin setting.
  • It has helped you kids go to sleep at night.
  • You can choose one color or multiple colors.
  • Its rotating function not durable and not Longer work.
  • As per customer, its Light stopped working after some months.

#09. Laser Stars Hologram Projector:

Laser Stars Hologram Projector

Laser Stars Hologram Projector is an advanced model of a high-quality design. This unit can light up a completely dark room with projections of a night sky. The device can show thousands of stars and the night sky with the formation of clouds or without them. This machine uses the latest technology in the field of projection. In addition, this green laser holographic technology makes the light projections flexible and more exciting. The star projector has two built-in high-quality precision lenses that are made of glass. These glass lenses improve the ability to project light from the device when the room or space is too dark. This particular machine should turn off after using it for two consecutive hours. It can power by home electricity and can plug in the device to get a perfect starry sky whenever you like.

  • Great Impressive Enjoyments to be had.
  • Awesome LED lighting fulfill your Money Worth.
  • Beautiful Star Show and Great service.
  • A ghostly laser display fun for all ages.
  • Some LED Lights began dimming after Some months.
  • Not Durable and reliable for long term usage.

#08. Laser Stars Indoor Light Show – The Most Amazing Laser Light:

Laser Stars 2014 Indoor Light Show - The Most Amazing Laser Light Show You Will See

The Best Star Projector for the great gift you can give to your child. It is just because, he/she want to have a starlit night sky every night. This indoor projector improves the quality of the projection lamp compared to other devices on the market. This product is not only suitable for your children but also a personalized star on the wall or ceiling of your room. The projector is about 12.3 inches wide and 10.9 inches long. The design of the device ensures you that it is lightweight product. It weighs only 3.8 pounds. The light beam comes out through a very sharp and perfect eyeglass. It can enhance the light beam while ensuring that the light fills any dark space in the room. If you want to secure it to the wall, the star projector has a built-in keyhole. want to secure it to the wall, the star projector has a built-in keyhole.

  • Best Star Projector for Indoor Rooms.
  • Use Best Approved Led Light.
  • The durable and reliable thing in Cheap Price.
  • Great little star maker just perfect for what we wanted.
  • As per some Customer, Not Best Quality Led Light and waste after some Month.
  • In this included Green Light not more Durable and Burned out easily.

#07. Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation:

Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation - 4 LED Bulbs 9 Light Color Changing with USB Cable, Unique Gifts for Men Women Kids Best Baby Gifts Ever

Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector is another Best Star Projector for wonderful night preview on your ceiling and room walls. The purpose of this night light is to provide you with a better environment. When you look up to the ceiling, it seems like the real life. It has different, bright colors, including red, white, blue, and green. This colorful view offers you an irregular and casual sky every minute. In addition, most of all, these four LED lights provide a more calming and softer light than a bright look. This spherical device has a white dome that can be erased. With this feature, you can easily turn your projector into a night light or a starlight projector. You can use four 3A batteries to power this handy star projector. You can also use the phone charger or your computer to make the projector work.

  • That provides you pretty Night with amazing Unique Coloring Combination.
  • Contains Many Little LED Light.
  • Amazing combination preview of Stars and Moon.
  • An Ideal Package in Cheap Price.
  • Very sensitive and Easily Breakable.
  • Poor Wiring as per some customer Complains.

#06. i-Kawachi Baby Night Light Star Projector:

Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation - 4 LED Bulbs 9 Light Color Changing with USB Cable, Unique Gifts for Men Women Kids Best Baby Gifts Ever

A night light projector equipped with powerful LEDs to give you or your baby an ideal lullaby. The i-Kawachi Best Star Projector is the perfect upgrade for your stylish space. The device has three different lighting and projection modes. One mode is to obtain a uniform and bright light, thus acting as a night lamp. The second mode can flash the steady and bright light. While, the third option makes your light lamp turn 180 degrees. This mode projects beautiful star projections on the walls. The lights have three different colors. In addition, you can choose the colors as you like when they are either more stable or rotating. The spherical star projector has a removable cover. Once you put the cover on, you can have a perfect starry sky on the walls or ceilings. i-Kawachi Baby Night Light Star Projector is powered by 4 AAA batteries or by a USB Charging Adapter.

  • A great product especially for a kid’s room
  • It’s 3 models that contain 10 different functions.
  • Along with USB Cable and Charger.
  • Very Cheap Price if see the product quality and worth.
  • Cheap Quality as per some Customer Reviews.
  • Not for long time use.

#05. SOAIY Rotation Sleep Soothing Color Changing Aurora Night Light Projector:

Aurora Night Light Projector Lights, Soaiy, 8 Changing Aurora and 360°Rotatable, 1h Auto closes , Built-in Speaker, for kids or Adults to Sleep Soothe, Insomniac and Anxious Relax, Party Lights-White

SOIAY Rotation Sleep Soothing Color Changing Aurora is a compact, beautiful luminous light. This star projector comes with a hemispherical cover. While, it takes off the earth cover and seems to be a projector light performance machine. This advanced Starlight projector will calm you within minutes after a busy day. There are two different base colors for the Aurora projector, black and white. In addition, you can choose from the colors of your bedroom. The projector displays bright nebula light and northern lights on the screen. It is also able to create a calming and relaxing environment. The unit is capable of changing light between eight different projection modes. You can adjust the colors according to your mood, including red, green, blue, and multicolor. The projector can not only project light, but also insert your iPhone, iPod or MP3 player to play your favorite lullabies. The volume of the device is easy to adjust. The device will automatically shut down within an hour. Therefore, you have a quiet sleep; the lighting angle can easily change to 45 degrees.

  • You can be easily adjusted to the center of your ceiling and everywhere.
  • Great sound from the speaker, with amazing Speaker Quality.
  • This thing as a sort of chill-out mild light show for a bedroom.
  • The eight Different lights make your room more beautiful.
  • Not reliable and stop working after some days.
  • Some lights are low, and some dark so makes no cooler.

#04. Star Shower Motion Laser Light by Bulb Head:

Star Shower Motion Laser Light by BulbHead - Indoor Outdoor Laser Light for Hassle-Free Holiday Decorating - Sparking or Still Red and Green Laser Lights Cover up to 3200 Square Feet

That is Ideal Star Projector for room and large space areas. Most of the star projectors require a difficult installation process. The Bulb Head Star projector comes with a safe and secure design that you can install very easily. This device can project and display bright and exciting starlight over an area of 600 square meters. The wide coverage of the projector makes it ideal for spaces with larger spaces. You can also place the projector outdoors because the device is also weatherproof. Instead of buying expensive low-quality exterior lighting, you can place the device almost anywhere you want. It has different lighting modes, including a Christmas light projector mode. This module lets you create a stylish, festive look around the house. With this handy starter projector, your boring and everyday garden or bedroom becomes one of the most beautiful spaces ever.

  • Great laser lighting with easily Installation.
  • Create amazing fun all-around of own self.
  • Play vital role Makes romantic and fun atmosphere.
  • Approved Light Quality and no any side effects.
  • No durable and fault accrued after three-four months.
  • Working not better in short space area.

#03. Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Turtle:

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic Nightlight Soother

Baby kids see this type of light and feel more excitement. That is best Star Projector for Kids room. Therefore, this ambient light is the ideal star projector for a children’s room or baby room. It has designed to look like a small turtle to make small children comfortable. The light projector can transform your child’s bedroom or nursery into a shelter of stars and galaxies. Moreover, it is a perfect lullaby for the little ones. The device projects different variations of stars and nebulae on the ceiling, the walls or on any other surface in each room. It has three different colors, blue, amber, and green. In addition, you can easily adjust the colors to the mood and the surroundings. The device is portable and powered by three AA batteries. It is also convenient to place the batteries. This is equipped with an automatic sleep function that is activated in 45 minutes. The importance of this device is that it has approved and recommended by pediatricians.

  • It makes your Baby sleepy quickly and is comforting.
  • It’s cute & the colors remind you as a real turtle.
  • Attractive Design and makes your Babies Happier mode.
  • Available many strong and Dark colors.
  • Power Button low in quality a per some complaints.
  • Not durable and use as long time.

New Additions:

#02. SOAIY Soothing Aurora [Upgraded Version] LED Night Light Projector with Timer, Remote, Music Speaker:

[Upgraded Version] SOAIY Soothing Aurora LED Night Light Projector with UL Certified Adapter,Timer,Remote,Music Speaker,8 Lighting Modes,Relaxing Light Show,Mood Lamp for Baby Kids, Adults,Living Room

SOAIY Aurora LED Night Light Projector with Build-in Speaker designed for your enjoyment. It can make you sure to create the starry sky look in your bedroom. This small yet beautiful piece comes with the dome cover. However, it takes off the globe cover, and displays the bright images on your walls or ceilings. This unit can bring you into the northern aurora space. In addition, it can make you feel relax before sleeping. Furthermore, this product helps you to get a restful night or a peaceful sleep. You can use this light projector lamp in the bedroom, living room, salons, or other spots. It is capable of transforming your environment into a relaxing tropical move back. What’s more, you can select to set the timer according to your will. Multiple of people adjust the brightness levels as per your need. It has featured a built-in speaker, volume adjustable. You can listen to your own lullaby music or soothing music before sleeping.

Product Features:

  • Quite easy and safe to operate
  • Approved by the FDA
  • Comes equipped with the laser under 5 Megawatts
  • This product has featured with remote controller
  •  built-in auto off timer(1 to 4 hours)
  • Provides 3 brightness level adjustable (30%, 60%, or 100%)
  • Offers you rotation and still
  •  Perfect comforting projection night light for everyone
  • A little night light with dome cover on
  • Project realistic aurora borealis and nebular light on wall or ceiling of your room
  • Create a pleasant and relaxing bedtime experience for kids
  • Featured with 8 light projection modes
  • 45 degree titled adjustable
  • Various bright colors including red, blue, green, and 3 colors allochroism, and color gradients
  • Built-in speaker, volume adjustable
  • You can plug in an iPod, iPhone, MP3, or any device
  • Contains AUX cable in the package
  • Capable to play lullaby music, relaxing, meditation music through the night light projector
  • Bright colors
  • Reasonable price
  • Offers straightforward operation
  • Comes with short time warranty

#01. Newest Night Light, Multiple Colors Star Light Rotating Projector with Timer Auto Shut for Kids and Baby:

Newest Night Light,Multiple Colors Star Light Rotating Projector with Timer Auto Shut for Kids and Baby Bedroom,Best Night Lights for Kids to Stimulate Imagination and Curiosity (Black)

Newest Night Light, Multiple Colors Star Light Rotating Projector has designed for all sorts of users. It perfectly suits for little ones and adults alike. This unit is capable of displaying different eye-catching colors. These bright colors include red, green, blue, and warm white. In addition, this product featured with a rotator button. This feature makes you assure to view various images on the walls and ceilings of your room. What’s more, this tool provides the bright starry sky on the top ceiling. It can help you to encourage the imagination and ability of your toddlers. It is quite easy to operate, as it comes with four operational buttons. Nevertheless, it also included four 3AAA alkaline batteries in this package to power the light. In order to power on the devices you may also connect to the USB cable alike. However, you must plug off the device while connecting to the USB cable. You can use this device to decor your home at different special occasions. For example, you may use it on birthday party, family gathering, and other special events. It also featured with the time control mode. It automatically turns off, and offers your baby a calm sleep, as you want. Below I have described brief instruction to use this product.

  • First, open the switch button.
  • Then press button “D” to set the running time (long press can speed up).
  • Press button “A” for steady on night light.
  • Button “B” is provided for changing colors in 8 different styles.
  • Button “C” offers you to rotate the image.

Product Features:

  • Equipped of 4 main lights namely warm white, green, red, and blue
  • Included a rotator button (it offers a beautiful night light image for your toddlers)
  • Bright starry sky helps the users to encourage the talent and creativity of your kids
  • Super easy to use, comes with four buttons only
  • Integrated the timer to turn it off automatically
  • Developed the brightly LED nightlight
  • Comes packed with a 4 3A alkaline batteries or USB cable
  • Used for decoration at birthdays, family gathering, festivals, and other special event
  • Seems like the outer stars moving on the walls or ceilings
  • Comes with eye-catching bright colors
  • Timer prevents your babies put off asleep
  • Very convenient to use
  • Featured with lot of play modes
  • Battery timing not last for long

Bottom Line Description About Star Projectors:

If you love the stars as a good astronomy fan. The star projectors can add more reflection and relaxation in the night time moments for you and your family. It is a much interesting product for the people of all ages including toddlers, adults and teen agers. Luckily for you, we have selected and tested the top 12 best star projectors on the market. There are a huge veriety to choose from with different features. Both wearable and stationary models are perfect for every age of people. With progressive highlights and graphics that bring joy, peace and even romance to a mature audience. Our guide will help you find the right one for you. In addition, we have narrowed down our selection of the top 12 star projectors by checking a wide range to highlight only the best of the best.

The Importance & Uses Of Best Star projectors 2018:

Star projectors influence the great impacts on every one’s imagination. It mainly targets at toddlers and young children. Now days there are many categories among the star projectors. Some of them have designed, as outside decoration pieces, some are suitable for only indoors. Besides, several star projectors meet the requirements for multipurpose. You can also install them outside your house for special events. You may decor your house with different sorts of interior decoration pieces including the star projectors. These pieces might enhance the beauty of your home by providing the colorful bright lights.

At rest, without spending a fortune on them, you can expect to meet the similar averages. To save you from the trouble of going through, which the market has to offer you. I have provided the detailed description about the top best products there. These have considered as saving your money. In the very past, the earliest ancestors feared from the dark mystery of the sky. Yet, they also looked upon it as the tools, which they could use to make their lives better. In ancient mariners used the starry night to navigate the uncharted oceans. The narrators used it to fashion creation legends and civilizations used it to create calendars.

However, now days, we does not observe the universe less essential than the ancestors do. The scientists try to observe the universe to get better understanding about it. Furthermore, they examine to extend the reservoir of our knowledge. In fact all sorts of individuals look upward the heavens not only the scientists but also the general people alike.

Looking upward the night skies is capable of inspiring us by the sense of wonder and fear. It might provide us the feel of something bigger in the world, or just an unimportant dot travelling on a rock tearing through the space. This all totally depends on our own point of view.

Regardless, what is the point of view, there is one thing special. That is the glance of the sky, as it presents the lot of exciting and attractive things for us to see. Even we can view them very easily without the help of any telescope. In addition, that is almost certainly, why so many people have bought star lamps.

There are various reasons, why the persons may not look up at the sky at night. It might because of the hindrance by pollution or huge buildings. Either it is due the inventions of multiple of electronic devices. In addition, one other worth mentioning reason is that, there are few things, which we could see with a naked eye and a clear sky. These things named as:

  • The Moon
  • 5 Planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus)
  • Meteors

3 Best Uses Of The Star Projector:

Use as Regular Nightlight:

The most worth notable advantage of one of these projectors is its usage as a nightlight. They are able to emit light to keep you and your toddlers fascinated enough to stay in the bedroom and provide enough calm. They can offer the possibility for you to drift off to sleep. There are number of parents insist by these projectors. In fact, if you are worried about your kids staring up at them all the night. Various star projectors come equipped with built-in timers. They are able to shut off automatically after the specified time.

As Educational Tool:

Galaxy projectors considered as the great tool. It can educate your toddlers or anyone interested about the heaven as well as space. With the help of these products, you may know from clusters of stars to other heavenly bodies. Several units come featured with shooting star ability. You may usually turn them on or off according to your will. In addition, it seems to be the best way to teach your child. It can possibly encourage the sense of interest in them.

Use To Enhance A Romantic Night:

Such units have not only designed for children. Yet they get a bit of fun for the adult ones. In addition, you can use them is by setting up a cover of stars on their ceiling. You may use them for a romantic dinner of living-room picnic. What’s more, you can also decor your house at various events like as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Users can also use them on the wedding night to make an already special day even more extraordinary.

As it is clear from the all above content, these star projectors can meet lot of different tasks. Furthermore, we can also say, they propose more fun and educational ways. You can use them inside your home, at schools, or at work as well. It requires the motivation to hold the over whelming beauty of the nature as well as your imagination.


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