10 Must-Have Laptop Accessories

10 Must-Have Laptop Accessories

If you are spending most of your day on your laptop, you better equip yourself with the best must-have laptop accessories that will make your long hours easier. It doesn’t matter if you are using you laptop for working or to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode but, either way, you need some essential things that will protect you, as well as your laptop, which will make it last longer.10 Must-Have Laptop Accessories

Some of the accessories are very simple but unfortunately, they cannot design a laptop that contains all the features, just because it will make it impractical, which is the whole point of the device. Another thing is that you can personalize your device with the things you need, so in this article, we will sort some of the best laptop accessories that you can buy.

  1. Laptop Touchpad

This gadget is perfect for creative people. You can use the touchpad for many things like turning it into music kit (drums, piano, production controls), drawing, and gaming or use it as a keyboard. The Sensel Morph is one of the best on the market and it is equipped with 20,000 sensors as well as 32,000 touch sensitivity. You can use it with Bluetooth or plug in through USB. Its design is perfect as well as the build quality is impressive. You can find this accessory for around $200 but is money well-spent if you are a designer or just a regular person who wants to extend their laptop options.

  1. Laptop Extended Charger

In order to use all your accessories, you must take power from the laptop. One of the bigger problems in our office laptops is the lack of USB ports. So in order to have a wireless mouse, charge your phone as well as having your computer powered by cooler, you must need an extended charger. This is where Anker USB-C charger comes into action. It is equipped with 29-watt fast charging USB-C port as well as Power IQ, which is the technology that can detect fast charging. It has five ports so you will be covered on that. It costs around $50.

  1. External Hard Drive

This gadget is not strictly for laptop, you can use it for everything. However, if you want all your files to be stored safely all the time as well as not burdening your laptop it is the perfect accessory for you. Seagate Backup Plus Slim is one of the best on the market and it comes in four sizes: 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB as well as high-speed 3.0 USB. It will cost you around $65.

  1. USB Lamp

Some of the computers don’t have a lighted keyboard so maneuvering your fingers on your keyboard at night might be tricky, especially if it is a smaller laptop with a packed keyboard. The USB lamp is extremely simple, you just plug it in your USB port and you have a light that can be turned in any direction. I2 Gear has designed a high-quality lamp with a flexible neck, and 14 LEDs that can be arranged into three brightness levels. It will cost you around $10.

  1. Cooling Mat

If you are serious about your hardware, you must take good care of it in order to last longer. So if you spend long hours on your device, you must worry about overheating. Targus cooling mat, powered by USB, is equipped with two fans that will prevent your laptop from overheating. It is tilted with dimensions of 15 x 11.75 inches. This accessory will cost you around $33.

  1. Keyboard protector

Keeping your device in perfect shape will extend its lifetime and usage. Protecting your equipment from dust is a top priority and only comes for $13, so it is worth it.

  1. Screen Cleaner

Sticking with the maintenance of your laptop, screen cleaning is also a very important process. You cannot wipe your laptop’s display with any chemical. Doing this will result in display malfunctioning. If you want to take good care of your display you should buy Belkin Kit. This kit comes with a microfiber cloth and alcohol-free cleaning liquid that makes your screen dust resistant for quite some time. It only costs $9.

  1. Cables

We often do not pay attention to the cables we use. The quality of the cable has a dramatic effect on the performance on your device. So make sure you invest in the right high-quality cables. Native Union has performance coverage as well as builds quality. Even the design of the cable looks slick and cannot break easily. It comes at $5-$8 with 18- month warranty.

  1. Mouse

You cannot rely only on the touchpad on the laptop, especially if you are working. So getting the right mouse is the right move. Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse is a top contender for this job. It is powered by two AA batteries and responsive, fast and durable. It costs $34.

  1. Laptop Case

The main purpose of buying a laptop it’s the portability. So in order to transport your device from one place to another, you will require a laptop case. Belkin Active Pro messenger bag is one of the top contenders. It is designed for a 15.6-inch laptop. The cool thing is that it has a water-resistant coating and has reflective areas so you can see it in the dark. It is a high-quality case providing you to transport your laptop safely. It costs around $50.

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