Dog Arthritis

Why Do Dogs Chew on Their Feet?

Dogs cannot communicate how they are feeling and what they are going through. However, dogs exhibit different behaviors to show their discomfort and we have to be observant enough to notice those behaviors before they get into a trouble. Chewing or licking paws is among those behaviors that go unnoticeable but if your dog keeps on licking his paws oddly you should be concerned because it can be a sign of some underlying medical issue.


Dog ArthritisIf your pet indulges in a sudden licking or chewing his paws, there could be a number of reasons underlying. If your dog is limping and his physical activities are decreasing while he keeps on licking his feet, there are chances that he is experiencing arthritis. Arthritis causes pain in joints and dogs try to relive their pain and reduce their discomfort by chewing or licking their feet.


Your pet’s paws are very sensitive and they require extra efforts to take care of. In summers, the paved roads become hot and walking over them can burn the sensitive skin of your dog’s paws and he may lick his paws to reduce the discomfort. In addition to this, walking over rocks or stepping on objects can cut their pads. Therefore, to keep them protected you must invest in the good protective booty.Dry Skin

Dry Skin:

However, during winters due to the arid climate, your dog’s skin becomes dry. To lock in the moisture, your got keeps on licking his paws to keep them hydrated and avoid itchiness. In addition to this, your dog’s dry skin indicates that he might be not getting enough fatty acids. Therefore, you should take proper care of your pet’s diet. Moreover, you can apply oils such as olive oil or coconut oil to keep his feet moisturized. You can also get a moisturizing balm specifically formulated for animals from the market.


Allergies are one of the causes of paw chewing. Yes! Dogs are prone to allergies as humans are. They may get allergies due to pollen, molds, a chemical in your house and cleaning products. However, dogs are also prone to food allergies especially small breed dogs. Consult your vet and try to figure out what nutrients are causing your dog allergies and make changes accordingly.


Tiny little crawlies like tick and fleas may cause itching and become a cause for chewing paws. Usually, these tiny insects go unnoticed until there are a bunch of them. Therefore, you must invest in a good flea shampoo to regulate your pet’s body on a daily basis.


Another reason why dogs chew their paws is teething. Mostly puppies start chewing everything around them when they start teething. However, old dogs chew to keep their teeth clean and jaws strong.

How to Sop Dog From Chewing?

How to Sop Dog From ChewingIf your puppy is chewing due to teething get him some chew toys to play with or you can simply provide him with ice cubes or frozen wet clothes to chew on.

How to Sop Dog From ChewingAs mentioned above if your dog is limping or he is not interested in physical activities and keeps on chewing his feet. You should visit your veterinarian to get him checked and get him proper medications.

In addition to this, if you think your dog is chewing his feet out of boredom, engage him in some interactive activities like training or buy him some interactive toys to engage his mind.

While trying to stop your dog from chewing avoid using negative reinforcement.

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