Hottest Fashion Trends to Look Out

Hottest Fashion Trends to Look Out For in 2019

Fashion is in connection with complexity, dynamism, velocity, volatility, and variety. To show just how significant fashion is, even to the global economy, research done on global fashion industry statistics show that the fashion industry contributes to 2 percent of the global Gross Domestic Product which sums up to 3 trillion dollars. The statistics are beside the point.Hottest Fashion Trends to Look Out

When it comes to defining fashion, we could talk about footwear, clothing, hairstyle, body, accessories and even makeup. Fashion projects personality, also it has been used to mark special historical and economic events. It only proves that fashion will always keep changing with time.

Remarkable fashion trends were witnessed in 2017, ranging from clear- knee jeans, zipper jeans, furry sandals, fanny packs, legging shoes and crocs to mention a few. The men who seem to be less of fashion enthusiasts also managed to get trendy with their sleeveless jackets and statement beards, generating a whole wave of bloggers focusing on posting handy pieces on beard grooming tips.

Well, it is a whole new year, and you probably want to make a statement with your hairstyles and outfits. No one wants to get stuck with tagging along with the same trends for three consecutive years. This is the reason why you should look out for the following trends in 2018. Make a fashion statement and become an icon in your city.

  1. Cargo pants

Cargo pants will be replacing jeans in 2018. These utility pants come in many designs, be it baggy or fitting, which make it even easier for you to pair them with almost everything. With most of them being green (the same color I would recommend), you can couple it with any shades of crop tops, denim jackets, leather jackets and tank tops. There is no better way of feeling stylish and fresh at the same time.

  1. Belt bags

It’s time to get rid of your over-sized bag and incorporate a hip adorning bag to your outfit. There has been a global buzz on fanny packs, and you do not want to be left behind. Apart from being exemplary stylish and sleek, belt bags are convenient and easy to carry. All you have to do is have it strapped over your shoulder, across your body or around your waist. You can also kill two birds with one stone by accessorizing your unembellished outfit with this bag.

  1. Fringes

Old is gold. In as much as fringed outfits have been around for decades, they are notorious for their witty comebacks. The style has taken over the catwalk and never cease to get popularity especially among the female population. Good news is you can always secure yourself with a fringe. The fringes come in different natures, be it shoes, clothing, bags and even accessories such as earrings. It will be a perfect pick for you if you want to accomplish a playful and frilly look.

  1. Pastels

How about you add some ice- cream colors to your wardrobe in 2018. Pastel colors are the new trend. These hues are just perfect for making your classic outfit lady like and express confidence and feminine emotions. They come in soft and vibrant shades such as lavender, blue, mint, pink and subtle rose to mention a few. The good thing about pastel outfits is that you can pair them with almost every color. Be a pacesetter of the most significant fashion trend in 2018 by gifting yourself with a pastel sneaker, sweater or a bag.

  1. Fancy plastic

Believe it or not, plastic or see-through bags, shoes or clothing will be topping the trends charts in 2018. We have seen renowned designers like Chanel, Balmain, Calvin Klein and Off-White dress their models in these pieces for the runway. You probably own a pair of see-through bootlegs! Plastic bags and macs have also made their way to almost every style’s wardrobe. With the global plastic-ban movement campaigns, you could also be a contributor to keeping away plastic from the sea in an astounding way.

With the above pointers, you could change your wardrobe by embracing two or three of the trends and still be able to express yourself the way you love most; through fashion!

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