Loving the Classics: Top 10 Retro Kitchen Trends You Can Try at Home

Loving the Classics: Top 10 Retro Kitchen Trends You Can Try at Home

Designing your kitchen can be taxing, especially if you don’t have any ideas or clues on what would be the perfect design for it. Some people want their kitchen to have that modern vibe, while some prefer the classics.

Loving the Classics: Top 10 Retro Kitchen Trends You Can Try at Home

One of the best ideas for kitchen designing is by making it look classic. Classic designs never go out of style and could give your house that homey and rustic feeling. To help you decide, here is a list of retro kitchen designs you must try.

Dusty Rose Colored Cabinets

Cabinets are essential in the kitchen because it’s where you store the things you use for cooking. Other than its function, it can also be an eye catcher depending on what is the design of your cabinet. 1950s kitchens usually use this kind of cabinetry because of the appeal it gives.


When planning on repainting or changing the colors of the cabinets, make sure the color you want matches with the entire theme of the kitchen as well. Dusty rose is the perfect color if your target is a retro yet calming vibe design for your kitchen.

Checkerboard Backsplash

If you want that classic vibe in your kitchen space, then this design is for you. Checkerboard designs can fit anywhere in the house, but one of the best places would be the backsplash of your kitchen.


This type of design is best paired to cabinets that compliment its design and color. Other than the backsplash, it can also be used for the flooring of your kitchen the backsplash you have. Such a theme is more likely to be seen in old movies that involve diners.

Wallpaper Island

Designing your kitchen doesn’t have to be that expensive. There are a lot of alternatives you can use instead of spending too much just for the renovation. Wallpapers can be an effective alternative.


When using wallpapers as a decoration to your kitchen, use bright colors. Pastel colors give that vibrant and relaxing feeling in your kitchen. Color is a big factor when it comes to kitchen renovations. The brighter the color of your kitchen, the more energetic you’ll be when preparing or cooking a meal.

Vintage Appliances

If you want to step up your game, the best suggestion for you is to buy vintage appliances. By doing it, your home is going to have that simple yet homey feeling. Buying collectibles such as dishes and other vintage items can add that classical feeling in your house.


Using old or vintage items also stimulate a pleasing ambiance. Some people use old things that have been passed down by their loved ones because there’s a history behind those specific items.

Lemon Yellow Tiles

Tiles are one of the basic things people use when designing or renovating their kitchens. Well if you’re planning to use one and also thinking of making your kitchen have that retro look, then make sure the tiles you’re going to use will have a color that gives life to your kitchen area.


Colors like lemon yellow are the best suggestion for the job. Yellow is such a bright color which make it a perfect color to use when designing your kitchen. Yellow tiles can surely give you the retro feeling you’re aiming, and you’ll feel relaxed and happy every time you go into the kitchen.

Pendant Light

Other than tiles and appliances, lights are also necessary when it comes to designing a retro kitchen. Pendant lights are commonly used during the 1960s.


Pendant lights can be attractive depending on the designs of its surroundings. Before buying one, make sure that it will blend well with the other things you have in the house especially in the kitchen area.

Everything Is Wood Panelled

If you like everything in your kitchen to be natural, then this one would surely suit you. Paneling everything with wood is not a new thing. Using woods to design your kitchen can be a good thing because it doesn’t break easily and it gives that natural yet classical feeling to anyone who enters the kitchen.


Wood paneled cabinets, drawers, and walls can be a good thing as long as you balance the color of the wood with other colors. The best color for your countertop is white because it compliments the shade of the wood you have in the kitchen.

Pattern And Two-Toned Filled

Now let’s talk about the color combination. Colors give life to a specific place or even item. Picking the right color is essential when it comes to the designing or renovating of the kitchen. Two-toned colors and pattern-filled designs can give your house that serene vibe yet classy at the same time.


This kind of design can uplift a person spirit because of the colors it has and also because of the vibe it gives. Kitchen with this layout is reminiscent for people who were born in the  1950s.

Stained Windows

Stained windows are still used today, but other people prefer the modern types of window compared to this one. Stained windows can surely add the classical feeling you want to achieve for your kitchen.


Windows like this lend your kitchen a more retro and vintage look. With the right lighting and the right surrounding, stained windows can surely give you the satisfaction especially when you’re aiming for the retro vibe in your kitchen.

Red Dining Table And Carpet

Red is a dominant color used in the old times. Dining tables and chairs are essential when preparing a meal. Giving a dining table some color and life makes it more exciting and appealing.


Colors like these are usually seen in diners during the old times. It blends well with checkered floorings.


Making your kitchen look appealing can be a struggle, but with the right guidance and idea, you can surely achieve the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. Asking experts when it comes to retro designs can help you make your kitchen enticing and classic at the same time.

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