Safety Features to Look for while Buying a Flat Iron

A few years ago, flat irons were not preferred because of the high risk of hair damage due to high heat and its uneven distribution on the head’s surface. However, this scene has changed now with the introduction of advanced irons containing ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium plates. Well, this is only one of the safety features to check for while purchasing a flat iron. For ensuring complete protection, there are some more you need to check out for, which are explained below.

Instant Heat Recovery System

Most modern flat irons contain ceramic due to which they emit heat evenly across the surface of the head. However, what is also essential is to retain this even heat level or temperature consistently as per the desired style. If not retained, there will be a considerable amount of heat loss due to which styling will not occur as per the desire. This will also call for heating the tool now and then during that single session, which is neither good for hair nor the tool. Therefore, the flat iron should come with an instant heat recovery system that can maintain the consistent heat level throughout the styling session. Luckily, many flat irons now come with this heat loss-minimizing mechanism.

Adjustable Temperature

If your manes are very curly or thick, consider having this feature on your flat iron. It is better than only a high/low or on/off switch. This is because such manes need a higher temperature than what the high/low option can give. In case of inadequate heat, your manes are actually at risk of damage.

Automatic Shut Off

Just imagine leaving your flat iron ‘ON’ in the home and stepping out in haste for reaching office on time. Moreover, many people simply have a habit of forgetting due to which turning off the electrical appliances is missed, and to that, a flat iron is certainly not an exception. Well, this can turn out into a hazard because a flat iron remaining ON for hours may cause fire or burns. Therefore, it makes sense to look for an iron having the automatic shut off functionality. This feature usually comes into action after 60 minutes of no use to switch off the iron automatically. It can even improve the performance of your tool.

Positive Temperature Co-efficient (PTC) Heaters

Commonly used in other heating units, PTC heaters heat up faster than a wire or coil as well as retain a specific heat level until the set temperature is reached. Further, they are safer than the latter two elements, as they keep excessive heating of plates at bay in case the iron is in ‘ON’ mode for a prolonged time.

Dual Voltage

Flat irons with dual voltage are flexible enough to be used anywhere on the planet. Many countries such as Japan and India use different voltage. In case you use your flat iron with a converter in these countries, you might face a short circuit. Therefore, prefer a dual voltage iron in case you keep traveling abroad often and wish your hair to look smooth and silky.

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