The 5 Best Players in the NFL Today

Another captivating season of NFL football is rapidly approaching and fans around the world are waiting patiently. With so much offseason news and rumors to follow up on, fans are busy making their fantasy draft teams in anticipation of upcoming news regarding player drafts and trades. Fans are certainly hoping that their favorite players stay healthy in the offseason time, as any injury could put a star player out for the season and change the fate of their team. While we’re waiting to see how the offseason team building turns out, let’s take a chance to review who the best players in the league are right now.

Patrick Mahomes (QB Chiefs)

When it comes to quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes is at the top of the list. After an incredible 2019 season, he led the Chiefs to a superbowl victory this past February. Known for being a deep ball threat and a high IQ playmaker, he consistently puts the odds in his team’s favor regardless of the opposition. If he performs at the same level this season, we will be looking at a team that could possibly make another championship run.


Drew Brees (QB Saints)

Many analysts would say that regardless of the fact that he has only won one championship in his career, Drew Brees is the best quarterback in the NFL today. It seems that he hasn’t slowed down at all in his older age and is still playing like he just got drafted. With Brees leading, the Saints have made it to the playoffs for the last three years straight, which shows that Brees is still pushing to get another championship before he retires and he has certainly gotten close the last few seasons. Overall, Brees is known for being the comeback king, as well as being a level headed and confident leader. Look for another incredible year from the Saints in 2020.

Aaron Donald (DT Rams)

At only 28 years old, many NFL analysts are calling Donald the greatest player in the entire league overall. Six years into the league and Donald has six Pro Bowls to his name, as well as winning Rookie of the Year and NFL Defensive Player of the Year back to back in 2017 and 2018. With success like that, no one can deny that Donald is a phenomenal athlete, but what makes him so good? His current and former teammates all contribute his ability to his intense work ethic, spending hours on the field, and studying tape in his off time. During a game, his pressure and ability to cause disruption to the opposition is unmatched. In 2018, he put up an astounding 20.5 sacks, with a total of 72 sacks in his 6 years in the league. Unheard of numbers from an inhuman athlete. It may be a challenge for him to stay healthy, but if he can keep himself in check he has a great future ahead of him.

Khalil Mack (LB Bears)

Around the league, Khalil Mack has a reputation as being a roughneck, scary player. The Raiders were the perfect home for him in that respect, as they have been cultivating their fearsome image since the 1970s. After his first four years on the Raiders, he now calls the Chicago Bears his team and he has been playing just as well for them. Across his celebrated career, he has amassed over 60 sacks, and 20 fumbles, making him a defensive player that teams absolutely dread going up against. Mack is known for overwhelming the opposing team. Play after play he breaks down the offense, running offensive linemen over to get to the quarterback and cause a fumble. Khalil Mack is a strong, gritty, and ferocious defensive player that is by any measure, one of the best in the league today.

Julio Jones (WR Falcons)

Nowadays, everyone wants to watch the wide receiver. It’s an exciting position, and oftentimes one that can change the course of a game. Everything that you can expect from a wideout, Jones embodies to the letter. Year after year, Jones breaks records and sets new standards for what you can achieve in the sport of football. Julio is the only player in NFL history to gain at least 1,400 receiving yards for five straight seasons. He has had at least 75 catches per season for the last six years. Even the legend himself, Jerry Rice, has said he’s the most impressive receiver in the NFL. When it comes to all-star players, it truly does not get better than Julio Jones.

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