Ways Turn Everything Art

4 Ways To Turn Everything You Do Into Art

I think we could all agree that the world could use more art. I’m a firm believer in the idea that almost anything can be turned into art if you just add some creativity.

Ways Turn Everything Art
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Wear Your Clothes Differently

Everything, including the clothes that you wear can be turned into art in some way. Take for example, an ordinary t-shirt. Think about all the different things that you can do with that t-shirt. You can cut it into a new tank top just for starters. You can also cut out the sides and tie them back together with different bits of brightly colored fabric. This is just one example. I’m currently working on a patchwork skirt. Every day I sew on a different patch of fabric. I’ve got pieces of different plaids on there, some rainbow stars, and some old band patches. The way I see it, wearing a hole in your favorite item of clothing, or outgrowing something doesn’t have to mean the end. Find a way to re-purpose something to get a few more years out of it.

Take Pictures Of Everything

Since most of us have smart phones, we always have cameras on it. I encourage you to take pictures of everything, even if it’s something mundane like taking a trip to the store. I especially encourage you to do this if you live in a city that loves artistic expression like where I live. Take pictures of nature, cool looking buildings, and random people that you meet (make sure to ask their permission first). Along with taking good pictures, learn everything that you can about using different filters, angles, etc. Luckily there are enough free apps for both Android and iOS that everyone can take interesting and beautiful pictures.

Look At Things From Different Perspectives

There’s more to being an artist than knowing how to take good pictures, or knowing your way around a paint brush. All good artists know how to look at everything from different perspectives. Basically what this means is that you need to learn how to think outside the box. This is where the concept of “found art” comes from. A person might look at a pile of junk mail and see nothing but junk mail. An artist would look at the same pile and think to themselves, “How can I turn this pile of mail into a statement?” As one example you could cut out random words from each piece of mail and turn it into a statement about our culture of mass consumption.

Surround Yourself With Colors

You’d be surprised how much surrounding yourself with lots of bright colors can change your perception of the world. Bright colors are visually stimulating and they have positive effects on cognitive function, as studies have shown. Wear lots of brightly colored clothing, colorful makeup, or put daring colors in your hair. Cover your living space with colorful wall art and posters. Surrounding yourself with lots of visual stimulation will do wonders for your creativity.
You can turn almost anything into art. You just have to find something that you’re passionate about and go from there. Even if all you are doing is wearing a little more color than you normally would, you’re still creating some form of art. You’re making the world a little bit better than it was.

How do you turn everything you do into art? Share in the comments!

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