As the days grow closer to the 2021 NRL games, fans are eagerly looking for NRL tips, betting options, predictions, and the odds of their team winning this season. The first step to place bets at great odds is to know the players and their positions on the board at the beginning of the game. One should always make informed decisions when it comes to betting.


National Rugby League Betting Options

1)    First Try Scorer Bet:

The first try scorer is one of the most prevalent bets in NRL Grand Final betting. The simplistic nature of the bet is what makes it popular, as the bettor has to choose the player to cross the stripe first. The placing of this bet can also be on the team member to score a try at any point of the game or multiple tries throughout the 80 minutes.

This bet can also be placed as a team vs team bet. For example, if one picks a player away from a particular team and scores the first try but the home team crosses the line first, the bet remains on even if the team remains try-less. Another form is the head-to-head most tries where the bet is placed upon the player who can make the most four-pointers in the match.

2)    Line Bet:

Line betting or wagering is where the two teams get a handicap or a head-start with the line or the place where Team 1 and Team 2 meet at equal odds. The head start is presented to the team, which is a favourite among bettors. It is a form of handicapping, a great technique done by significant betting sites like Sportsbet to make the bets more interesting.

3)    Head-to-head Bet:    

A head-to-head bet on an NRL Grand Final is a form of classic betting where the bettor backs a team to win the premiership without any head start. As the finals involve two of the best teams pitted against each other, the odds are naturally closer than they would be in the NRL regular-season games.

4)      Margin Bet:

This bet is the type where the bettor chooses a margin by which a team would win the game. For example, if one bets that the Storm would beat the Raiders by more than 10+ points, their bet would be successful if the Storms win by a margin of 11, 12, etc.

5)    Extra-time Bet:

The stipulated time for a game is 80 minutes. But when two of the best teams go head-to-head in the Grand Final, it is not uncommon that the match goes beyond the 80-minute mark to fight out the draw. Bookmakers offer large odds on extra-time results as there is a perceived scarcity of draws over the 80 minutes in the final.  

6)    Clive Churchill Medal Bet:

The Clive Churchill Medal is given as an award to the player who is decided to be the man-of-the-match in the annual Grand Final game of the NRL by the Australian national team selectors. As much as it is an honor to receive the award, it is an equally sought-after bet by the wagers. These bets are placed before the game or during the game in live betting markets. Following the NRL tips on betting options available for the watchers will surely make the upcoming games more exciting.

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