The Role of Flat Irons in Taking Care of Ethnic Hair Type

Styling ethnic hair is practically challenging, especially in the case of a do-it-yourself approach. However, it is not impossible to maintain them healthy or make them manageable without fighting with them. This is possible when you have the right knowledge of taking care of such manes. Above all, a positive approach coupled with a love for such hair can make the task easy and quick for you. While the latter part is in your hands, the former one is shared with you through some guidelines given below, as per the ethnic hair type.

South Asian Hair

South Asian HairThe main physical feature of South Asian hair is high thickness. If you belong to a country of South Asia such as India and Japan, thick, dark hair is what you hold, which frizz out quite often. Further, in most cases, the manes are maintained long that can invite split ends due to too frequent combing or brushing with a hot brush. To make such hair look straight and shiny, using a thermal protector is indispensable. Moreover, you need to use a flat ceramic iron, instead of a blow dryer to avoid its damage, on small chunks of your hair to cover the whole head for a consistent look.

Once styling is done, using serum is essential to retain straightness and tame the frizz, but this might not be required if your flat iron takes care of it. Similarly, you also need to use a moisturizing conditioner on your ends weekly for deep conditioning, but again this might not be needed, as many ceramic flat irons come with infused moisturizing conditioners.

African-American Hair

African-American HairThis category needs more care than normal because of its very delicate nature, especially the highly permeability nature due to which losing natural moisture as well as retaining damage from heat occur quickly. This also means washing hair too infrequently, maybe once is 10 days to avoid losing natural oils. The texture and span range from very fine to very coarse, dry hair and that they are full of curls and kinks. However, the good news is that you can style your black African-American hair in many ways without letting these qualities to affect your desire.

If you wish to relax and straighten, you truly need a moisturizer to apply on still wet hair. In case of do-it-yourself styling, consider parting your manes to form small sections on which you can run a narrow flat iron. And curl the tresses way up on the part’s sides one by one but with a change in the curl length on one of the sides so that some area is left straight near the roots. In case you have bangs, you can even use a flat iron on them to get a polished look. However, you need to ensure that regular moisturizing is done prior and post styling to maintain the health of your hair!

Hispanic Hair

Hispanic HairThese manes are frizzy, curly, or wavy, which are difficult to manage in humidity. Therefore, deep moisturizers are required. Interestingly, the modern flat irons come with such moisturizers (avocado oil) infused in the plates, which you can use after drying.

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