Technologies, Ideas, and Directions of Innovation in Agribusiness

Agribusiness is an area of ​​activity in which innovation is not applied as rapidly as in other areas. This is due to a number of factors, in particular, the high level of riskiness of many innovative projects, as well as insufficient funding.

Agribusiness 2022

Nevertheless, new technologies are gradually being introduced into the activities of the US agro-industrial complexes. For example, not so long ago, a program for the disposal of waste from animal husbandry enterprises was developed. The program allows minimizing the financial costs of enterprises specializing in cattle breeding. Thanks to this innovation, agricultural producers get rid of the need to spend money on the self-disposal of waste.

Innovative technology in the field of agribusiness is mail processing with minimal time costs. This is made possible by using the latest cultivators.

Benefits of Using Grain Cleaners from the Metra Group Company

Metra grain cleaners are also widely used today. They differ from other equipment primarily in that they increase the value of the final product. Metra machines efficiently clean grain, which becomes more expensive after processing. On average, grain cleared of debris and impurities costs $1 more per bushel.


For example, with a grain harvest of 100,000 bushels, an agrarian can run it through a grain cleaning machine and get 1 dollar for one bushel, which will result in a seasonal income of 100,000 dollars more than before. In the absence of such equipment, the farmer will have to pay annually to third-party organizations for grain processing or lose a lot of money in net profit selling the unrefined crop.

Metra Group has a very good pricing policy. It is built in such a way that even small farming is able to recoup the price of a grain cleaner in the first season. If the harvest is 20 bushels or more, then the benefits of using a grain cleaning machine will be instantaneous. One of the complementary benefits of the company is a versatile installment plan, which allows agrarians to invest funds in the purchase of grain cleaning equipment without a large initial investment.

To date, a large number of Metra machines have been delivered to clients in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, etc. According to the management of Metra Group, many positive reviews and a large number of machines sold testify to the high quality of Metra grain cleaning equipment.

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