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Guide for choosing your best mountain bike

There is nothing like riding through the mountains enjoying the magnificent scenery, listening to the sounds of nature. And nothing beats watching the sunset (or the sunrise) while moving along a tricky mountain terrain. Of course, you can’t enjoy any of that if all you can worry about is whether your mountain bike will live through this cycling journey. When choosing a mountain bike, the quality and comfort it provides are crucial. That is why identifying the best mountain bikes requires a lot of consideration.mountain bike

One of the most important things you should know is that mountain bikes can be divided into five major groups. First, there are trail bikes, XC bikes and all-mountain ones. The first one employs suspension on both front and rear wheels unlike XC bicycles which only have suspension on the front wheel. The former is designed for rough terrains whereas the latter is more suitable for flat terrains. All-mountain bikes boast large wheels in addition to dual suspension. These characteristics allow riding this bike along the roughest mountain paths. In addition to these three groups one has freeride and downhill bikes to choose from. There are lots of different mountain bikes and the number of mountain bikes reviews is no less impressive. So in order to save your time, first decide what roads you are going to ride through and then read only the reviews of suitable bicycles.

If it is hard to make up your mind, go for a trail bike. Even if now you are mostly cycling through smooth roads, you never know when you will feel like changing for more challenging paths. You will not feel the bumps on the road thanks to the dual suspension. Besides, trail bikes are also suitable for flat terrains.

Women bicycles have many additional specifications in comparison with bikes for men like, for example, a specially designed saddle. So if you seem to have find your best mountain bike reading our reviews, check whether it has a variation for women. You may find WSD designs more ergonomic.

All-mountain bicycles are clearly for aggressive cyclists who cycle through complicated mountain paths. In case you are not one, you probably won’t feel like putting up with extra heaviness and having to pay more for extra suspension that you don’t actually need. But if you are a professional mountain cycler this is definitely your choice. If you have already had several bikes and definitely know what your requirements are, you will probably like the option of buying a bike frame and choose one of the many kits to construct a bike you need.

When XC-bikes or 29ers (these are the same) are concerned, it is worth mentioning that they are perfect for long journeys. Large wheels ensure easy climbing and descending.

Choosing a mountain bike seems like a tricky task at first glance. But after reading dozens of reviews and customers’ reviews you are sure to catch up.

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