Using a Drone Photography for your Wedding

11 Things to Consider When Using a Drone Photography for your Wedding

Your wedding is probably one of the greatest days of your life, and you deserve to have an amazing photographer to capture that experience forever. A drone can essentially take breathtaking wedding photos from an aerial view, making every picture or video feel like you’re starring in your very own fairytale fantasy. But there are some things to consider when choosing to go with a wedding photography drone.

1) Make sure the venue is ok with drones

Make sure the venue is ok with drones
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Your wedding venue may not have the same opinions on little flying robots as everyone else, so consult them beforehand on what their drone policy consists of. It’s also a good idea to scope out the area to squeeze the most out of your drone’s potential such as pools, cliffsides, beaches, and large flowery fields.

2) Safety above all else

Drones aren’t toys although they might look like it, so be sure the drone is flying relatively high and away from guests faces. The same can be said for indoor flying as it can be quite dangerous around priceless possessions and flocks of kids who may try to chase it.

3) Keep the weather channel in mind

Newer drones are quite durable in most conditions as long as they aren’t too hectic, so consider checking out the weather around your venue to ensure no heavy rains or gusts of wind will down your drone. If the weather isn’t ideal and you still want to go ahead with drone photography as planned, be sure to check out what drones can handle to ensure its safety.

4) What is your budget like?

What is your budget like?
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Weddings can be expensive, and so are drones, that’s why it’s a good idea to do some research on which drone is quality enough for your price range. The best types of drones can take beautiful cinematography of your wedding, though they can be a piggy bank breaker. View all types of options before smashing little oinky, because there do exist cheaper alternatives out there with great film capabilities.

5) Plan your timeframes for shooting

One of the benefits of using a drone as your video photographer is that they are quick, flexible, and don’t make you stand and grin while your shoes dig into your heel like some photographers. You have a lot of room and space to work with as they fly around and do all the filming for you. So, decide when to get those walking down the beach or frolicking through the garden shots ahead of time.

6) Insurance may be a good idea

A drone is an investment much like a car, anything could happen from strong winds throwing it to the ground, or grandpa chucking rocks at the flying robot invaders. It’s impossible to predict every outcome when flying your expensive drone around, that’s why having a backup plan could come in handy in replacing your mobile photographer.

7) Choosing the right person to control the drone

Choosing the right person to control the drone
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If you decide to hire a professional to take control of the drone rather than your cousin in a rent-a-tux, you should be sure they are at the top of their game. In the right hands, a drone pilot can capture beautiful wedding cinematics for the best day of your life, so be sure they are not only trusted but check out their portfolio to put your mind at ease.

8) Keep the noise factor in mind

Maybe having a drone directly above you as your husband reads his vows may not be as romantic as you hope. A drones noise level depends on the model, so talking with the drone’s pilot beforehand on when the drone should and shouldn’t be grounded could make all the difference. You should also take into consideration the guests at the venue on how they feel about a flying noisy robot buzzing above their head during a conversation.

9) Attachments can add an extra pop

Attachments can add an extra pop
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From camera zoom lenses that could capture amazing shots from way up high to lighting gear that won’t give your photos sun glare, there is an attachment for just about every need. Now, do you really need attachments? That all depends on the venue, the weather, and most importantly what you are looking for out of your drones camera. There are tons of costs to take into consideration, so be realistic about what you can and cannot do, and what your drone pilot would recommend when shooting.

10) Altitudes and battery life

As you may have guessed drones can run out of battery life. Getting an idea of what you must work with time-frame wise is the key to getting the most out of your experience. Be sure to set-up certain shots ahead of time because depending on the life of the drone, you don’t want it to come crashing down on your heads. Angled shots and aerial shots are especially tricky in this department.

11) Be creative

It’s important that you get the most out of your drone’s ability to deliver you memories that will live on forever. There are tons of examples on the internet to get inspiration from. Some videos turn an average wedding day into a wedding day you will never forget. This is where all the fun comes in because of all the possibilities that come with drone photography!

  • Doing voice overs
  • Cinematic landscape shooting
  • Editing in bloopers
  • Adding special music
  • Highlighting the vows
  • Fun recreations of movies or tv shows
  • Shooting the best man’s speech

In conclusion

Drones are without a doubt a game changer for making your wedding one of the most unique experiences out there. With all the customization options for making your video ‘extra fly,’ you’re going to most definitely be the envy of all your friends when they see the finished product. Remember, drones are not toys and should be taken with utmost care and respect, so make sure you can trust the pilot behind the robot. Check out all the possibilities today and consider getting a drone for your wedding and make the memories extra special.

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 Jake Carter

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