Ultimate Packing Essentials for Travelling with Dogs

Ultimate Packing Essentials for Travelling with Dogs

A furry companion makes the journey all the more fun and entertaining. The sense of satisfaction you get while watching the pooch explore new places is tremendous. You’d surely question yourself that why you are not enjoying the Stranger’s Land so enthusiastically?Ultimate Packing Essentials for Travelling with Dogs

Before setting off for an exciting travel tour with your fourlegged furrend, you need to remember these packing essentials to ease the trouble. Below is the ultimate checklist of packing essential for journeying with dogs:

Records of Vaccination:

A copy of all the vaccination records is a must have for emergency situations and to gain entry into specific countries. If you are boarding in an excursion with your Fido, the policies require you to show all the records of vaccinations before entry. Keep an eye on the pet vaccination policies in the countries you’ll be visiting with the Fido. It’s disappointing to find that your Fido has been denied entry into a country due to non-availability of records or non-updated shots.

Leashes and Collars:

Collars and leashes are necessary to keep in control the curious canine that’ll easily get distracted by the foreign scents during bathroom breaks. Carry the poop bags and scooper to clean up poops after the dog.

There are a variety of leashes and collars available in the market, but which one is preferable? I prefer retractable dog leashes in the open lands and flea collars (seresto is the best) in bushy areas. If the pooch gets distracted easily, shock collars are a good reminder for him to follow your commands. It’s not a harsh treatment of your pooch, rather you can immediately give him a treat for getting back on track.

Identification Tags:

You may like to get a GPS tracker collar for the Fido, but he cannot wear more than one collars. So, attach an ID tag having your name, phone number, and email to the collar. Make it water-proof by getting a plastic coating on it.

Emergency Kit:

Whether it’s your first visit or eighth, dog emergencies can occur, so pack some first aid essentials. First aid kits include aspirin, gauzes, cotton, bandages, tweezers, antiseptic wipes, etc. Ready-made first aid kits are available in markets too.

Enough Food Essentials:

When Fido has to walk a lot, he requires food every one to two hours. The calorie count has to be increased slightly. Moreover, take a lot of water for Fido as he is well-adjusted to the water of your hometown.

Blankets and Beds:

If you are on a road trip, protect the seat covers by keeping the Fido in the crate or on his bed or blanket. During your night-stay at the new place, your Fido will find comfort in his own bed, blanket, crate, food bowl, chew toys and the shirt having your smell. His anxiety will subdue as he will have everything familiar to him.

Crate or Carrier:

If your dog enjoys sleeping in his crate, then it’s a perfect replacement for beds. Crates and pet carriers can keep him and you out of trouble. Take the dog’s favourite chew toys and puzzles to keep him entertained and engaged when you have to leave for a while.

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