Professionally Effective Tips to Add Volume to Fine, Thin Hair

Most people consider fine and thin hair to be the same thing, but they are two different types of reality. According to Fernando Salas who is the creator of White Sands Hair Care, “If the hair is fine, it simply means that the strands are on the thinner side. On the other hand, thinning hair is an increase in shedding or a decrease in density.” Those having fine hair can also have many such strands. Is it so that your locks seem to be abundant and full in the morning but go down by night? Well, although your manes might be very fine, something is not fine with it. However, there is no need to lose hope because you can uplift your fine hair to new heights with the expert tips below.Professionally Effective Tips to Add Volume to Fine, Thin Hair

Caring Less is Caring More

For other hair types, experts recommend always doing more to take care. However, in case of thin locks, doing more is over caring that can have a bad impact. Because fine locks become quickly oily, washing it daily can trigger more oil production, rendering the locks greasy. Pasquale Caselle who is a stylist at IT&LY Hairfashion says, “I would also stay away from oily serums. I would use a light leave-in on the ends instead of conditioning to avoid weighing it down.” Other experts even recommend using many sprays of dry shampoo per week for dealing with excess oil while adding freshness and additional volume.

Get Your Curls Right!

Consider pinching and winding for curling, which helps in releasing the locks as well as letting the curl to enlarge for a thicker appearance. “For a beach wave or curl, it is vital to pinch the strand with fingers and wrap it around the iron,” says the stylist for New York’s Ted Gibson Beauty, Courtney Nischan. In case you do not do so, it might compress the tresses.

Choose a Rich Color or Highlight

Adding a glowing rich color can also help in uplifting the looks of your fine hair. Doing so adds a dimension to your hair as well as amplifies the surface to make it appear with more volume than normal. Tori Kitagawa who is a stylist at Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills says, “I would certainly recommend color or highlights for ladies with fine hair.”

Shape them with the Right Cut

The most suitable cut can add volume to dull locks, but more than adequate layers can render a thinner appearance. Therefore, it makes sense to cut them with Best Professional Hair Shears in the right manner. Stylists believe that cutting fine hair in the right way can add volume, which is something that might not be obtained even naturally. According to Riqua Hailes who is the owner of LA’s Just Extensions Salon, “Layers help to texture the hair, add volume, and hold beach waves or curls longer, which make thin locks appear thicker and fuller.” She also admits that certain styles such as classic bob are ideal for creating volume without too much heat. You need high quality tools also like Hot Rollers for Fine Hair , Hot Air Brushes and Best Flat Iron.

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