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3 Essential Health Nutrients Best for Your Dog’s Nutrition

The success of your dog’s nutritional health is determined by the right amounts of essential nutrients you feed it. Most commercial dog foods are said to be completely balanced with all the essential nutrients.

They keep your dog in perfect health and make you a happy and responsible person because you can’t be happy when your dog is in poor health.

Here are essential nutrients you must look out for when feeding your dog on proper way:

  1. Water

Water plays a golden role in regulating body temperature, lubricates body tissues, and acts as a medium for your dog’s blood and lymph systems. Moreover, your dog’s water intake is controlled by its thirst, hunger, and metabolic activity like work, lactation, growth, and gestation. It also depends on the environment. Here’s what people mean; the humidity and temperature.

On the other hand, dogs get water by mostly drinking it. And consume some other water from fluids ingested with food. The amount of water a dog needs daily is determined by how much food it consumes. And the general guideline is 1ml of water needed for every kcal of energy.

Furthermore, nursing females usually need much water for boosting milk production. So, you should always readily avail your dogs with enough water daily.

  1. Protein

Proteins serve many functions in your dog’s body. Let me explain; Proteins assist in your dog’s muscle growth, oxygen transportation in the blood, tissue repair, immunity-boosting, and provide energy. Proteins consist of Amino acids and each has a unique combination of various amino acids that form its shape and promote its functions.

Dietary proteins present in various online dog food NZ are digested in your dog’s stomach in the small intestines and broken down into peptides. And guess what? The essential amino acids can’t be produced by your dog’s body for it to grow and stay healthy. That’s why a lot of protein has to be included in your dog’s daily meal. More so, essential amino acids are constantly metabolized in your dog’s body and aren’t stored in the body for a longer time.

This brings the need to regularly replenish proteins in your dog’s regular diet.

  1. Calories

Calories are important nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy. Proper caloric intake for your dog can bring great results. Look at this:

If your dog is usually active and runs with you daily for exercises, then it needs a high-calorie intake in its meal. Furthermore, larger dog breeds must also have high-calorie intake to maintain their daily efforts. But small and overweight dogs need to take fewer calories than the usual standard range. This is to save them from health complications.

The good news is that you can consult a veterinary doctor to assist you in determining the number of calories that are best for your dog.

And most of the dog food bags or tins show the number of calories in the food.

Keep Your Dog Healthy

It doesn’t matter whether you buy or make your dog food, maintaining a balanced diet for your dog must be a top priority. This involves incorporating the essential nutrients in your dog’s diet and with online dog food, you have access to a variety of nutrition-rich food for your dog.

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