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Tips & Tricks For Passing ITIL V3 Foundation Certification Exam Fast

The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certification originated from the United Kingdom government through the Cabinet Office. The office documented a set of procedures and processes for the support and delivery of IT services of high quality. These services were intended to fulfill the needs of an organization. This credential tests the knowledge of a candidate on the service management essentials in terms of an IT service provider and its consumers. To be certified, the student needs to take the ITIL course. After completing the course, the candidate will better understand how to use the ITIL framework to enhance the effectiveness and quality of service management in any type of organization.Certification Exam Fast

The Value of ITIL for an Organization

For many years, the ITIL certification has been a standard of best practice structure used to manage, support, and align IT service management with the needs of a business in the industry. It was trademarked by AXELOSand it acts as the IT’ industry governing agent for ITSM (Information Technology Service Management). It uses its ITIL Foundation Practice Exam Dumps Service Lifecycle to guide an organization throughout the journey that begins with the needs of the customer, the services provided and improvement of the delivery of those services.

The ITIL certification has been adopted by multiple organizations because it focuses on service management. The practical approach it offers on service management enables professionals to know how to make it work in a real organization. The principles taught in the course are based on the idea that every effort should be geared towards achieving a goal. In this case, the goal is to provide IT services that are aligned with the business requirements of an organization in order to deliver value.

This certification has the ability to enable the IT staff in an organization to use and implement IT services in order to improve the workflow and increase the revenue. The adoption of the services and methods within the ITIL framework will improve customer experience and productivity as well as optimize costs. Due to these reasons, it is important that the staff of an organization is acquainted with ITIL and develop a deep understanding of the structures of the framework. The value of this certification is acknowledged by many organizations, so they provide sponsorship for their staff to get certified.

What Will You Learn Through the ITIL Certification Course?

As stated earlier, the certification deals with successful IT service management through some laid down principles and best practices. ExamSnap ITIL V3 foundation certification and exam prep materials are published in a series containing five volumes that outline the processes related to service design, service operation, service strategy, service transition, and service improvement on a continuing basis. The services offered by ITIL are flexible. This means that an enterprise can decide which procedure to implement in order to get maximum value.

Currently, there are five levels of the ITIL certifications available. They include Foundation, Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master. Professionals who wish to get certified should consider these levels. You can visit the AXELOS website for more information on the certification. Before you get certified, you will be taught the following:

  • Conversion of innovative concepts and ideas into services for customers
  • Enduring and effective solutions you can use to solve problems
  • Controlling risks and costs that may have the potential to destroy the value developed by the service
  • Managing new opportunities and challenges through learning lessons from failures and successes

Why Is ITIL Important for Delivery of Effective IT Services Today?

Nowadays, IT has become an integral part of almost every business. Advancements in technology have made it possible for machines to undertake the responsibilities that belonged to people. Rather than just managing software and hardware, organizations are increasingly relying on IT to conduct their day to day businesses. This new reality has allowed IT to transition to a resource that is service oriented. This current type of IT architecture brings about the need to develop a framework that focuses on an ITSM model. This is where ITIL comes in to support this type of model and improve efficiency in service delivery.

Chief Investment Officers in any organization work to deliver cost-effective services. They want to ensure that the IT services in the organization work to support quality services and the IT ROI (return on investment). When ITIL is successfully implemented in an enterprise, they take pride in knowing that the business is able to save money, introduce stability, develop efficiency, create benchmarking merits, and provide constant improvement.

Why Should You Get the ITIL Certification?

You may already have an idea how beneficial this certification is for you as a professional. Here are reasons why you shouldget certified:

  • A bigger paycheck

ITIL is a great addition to your resume and most importantly adds value to the services that you offer. This credential is listed among the Technopedia’s highest paying certifications. The ITIL architects and program managers are most likely to make six-figure salaries.

  • A better skill set

A better skill set will enable you to add value to your organization and to work that you do. You will also command respect among your peers and superiors. The five levels of the ITIL certification will help you to master the material taught in different degrees. These are the skills you will learn at each level:

  • Foundation – you will learn about the general terminology, elements, and concepts utilized in the ITIL Service Lifecycle and its associated stages.
  • Practitioner – you will learn how to adopt the ITIL framework to your day-to-day scenarios or situations that may arise in the organization.
  • Intermediate – it provides you with an in-depth approach to ITSM.
  • Expert –it provides you with a wide scope in terms of covering the ITIL framework and is considered to be highly valued.
  • Master –it provides you with a comprehensive and complete knowledge of advanced techniques, methods, and principles of supporting management processes in ITIL.


The ITIL certification has enabled many organizations to make great strides in improving the delivery of their services. Due to the fact that it is industry-based, this prestigious credential will help you and your organization achieve your goals. We wish you good luck in your certification journey.

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