Guide on How to Look Better in Photos

Guide on How to Look Better in Photos

Nowadays, meetings with employers and clients often occur remotely, so your photo is more important than the initial impression you make.

Guide on How to Look Better in Photos

If you’re a business owner or job seeker, you should keep in mind that the first thing your potential client/partner/employer pays attention to is your picture. And that is exactly why we’ve created a guide on how to look stunning in any photo!

10 Essential Tips to Help You Look Better in Photos

Professional Make-up and Hairstyle

It always takes a professional to get the job done perfectly. Only a best custom writing service can write an excellent essay, and only an expert can apply beautiful make-up.

Professional stylists always know how to accentuate your best features and hide imperfections.

Rule #1 – being attractive gives you the confidence you need to look your best in any photo. So, do not be cheap and hire a good stylist. You’ll notice a striking difference immediately.

The important thing is not to overdo it. Your makeup should look as natural as possible.

Rule #2 – no pearlescent blush and eye shadow! They can spoil even the best shot. It’d a much better idea to apply a thin layer of matte powder instead.

If you do not want to look a few years older, you should not use very dark shadows before a photo shoot.

Also, if you have blond hair and pale skin, bright lipstick will be your best choice. Brunettes have a wider choice – from the lightest shades of burgundy to the darkest tints of purple.

Wear Smart and Comfortable Clothes

Trying on different outfits before finding the best one will definitely make you look more beautiful and help you feel more confident.

Wear clothes that accentuate your strengths.

If you don’t like the way your hands look, you should avoid wearing sleeveless clothes. If you want to emphasize your legs, go for something shorter. And do not put on clothes that make you look shapeless.

Dark-colored clothes will help you appear slimmer. Try to keep in mind this simple and yet very effective rule.

You should not choose things in which you feel uncomfortable, either. Any piece of clothing you’re wearing should make you feel more confident, so go with something comfortable.

To give yourself a more ‘voluminous’ look, try putting on deep and richly colored clothes. However, you need to make sure that your outfit isn’t too monotonous, since overabundant stripes and cells may distract attention from your face.

If you’re posing for some work-related photos, you should avoid tight-fitting garments and transparent fabrics. That may be considered inappropriate and lead to an embarrassing situation.

Stand at an Angle to the Camera

Girls do not want their figures to look bigger than they really are. If you stand straight, with your shoulders and hips parallel to the camera, you appear larger than you actually are. So, how do you fix that? Easy!

While facing the camera, turn your shoulders at an angle to it. That small secret will help you look thinner and more graceful.

Use Your Body

Posing for a photo with your arms and legs perfectly straight is a bad idea. You’d be far better off leaving some space between your arms and your body. Also, you need to make sure that your hands are a little curved and hang loosely along your body.

The closer things are to the camera, the bigger they’ll look in the picture. So, shift your weight over onto your hind leg and put your knee slightly forward. By doing so, you’ll make them look a little smaller.

Keep Your Back Straight

Even if you are used to walking around with your shoulders hunched, you should make a little effort and straighten your back. People with a straight back look much more confident and successful.


To smile naturally, you need to relax. But even that is no guarantee that you’ll look very good in the photo. When we laugh or smile, we often press our chin against our neck, which creates ugly folds.

When smiling for pictures, try breathing through your mouth and placing your tongue behind your upper teeth. This trick will help your smile look natural and beautiful.

Try posing for a photo when you’re in a really good mood. Whenever you walk in the park or have a picnic with your friends, be sure to have yourself photographed as often as possible. You’ll certainly have a lot of fun doing that. And remember – you should avoid having a strained smile on your face!

Hire a Professional Photographer

If you need a full-fledged presentation or portfolio, you should consider hiring a professional photographer. While looking for one, keep in mind that apart from having good skills they also need to possess sufficient experience and knowledge.

Be Yourself

This is probably the most important thing when it comes to having your photo taken. It is best to just relax and enjoy shooting.

If you have a cheerful personality, you should not hide it. If you are a very serious individual, do not try to look funny. The best photos are those in which a person expresses themselves fully.

Tell the Photographer what Exactly you Want Them to Do

As well as reducing the amount of time spent on the photo session, it will also help achieve the desired result with minimum effort. Tell the photographer what features you want them to accentuate or hide so they know precisely what to focus on while shooting.


Try posing in front of the mirror to find the perfect angle. Most Hollywood actresses and photo models have been using this simple posture for decades: you need to stand to the photographer half-turned, putting your left leg slightly forward and shifting your weight over onto the right one.

If you decide to put your right leg forward, you should also use your right hand. To prevent it from hanging loosely along the body, you should place it on your right hip. This little trick will help you look taller and slimmer in the picture.

Having fun while posing for a photo is the main secret to achieving the best shots. Also, knowing how to assume the right posture will always make you look great in pictures!

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