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Synthesizers were invented sometime in the late 1960s as the sound of the future. It’s been over 50 years today and they still very much live up to the reputation of being the sound of the future. Synthesizers or synths are electronic instruments that produce audio signals. When they were first introduced to the market, they were used for mostly psychedelic sounds and weren’t considered a very commercial sound. This changed in the coming decades when a lot of pop and rock groups used them for mainstream tunes. 

Nowadays synthesizers are considered an integral part of any music composition and many think the sound of the synthesizer is about as important as the human voice. There have been massive improvements in synthesizer technology since the first time they were invented. These technologies may not be as radical as, for example, these tech developments in the casino industry but they still make a difference. Here are a few synthesizers that are very popular with musicians these days.

Volca Keys

Korg is one of those companies that are synonymous with the sound of synthesizers. This is one of the reasons why you see that name on a lot of stages across the world. The Volca Keys by Korg  is a simple yet mind blowing synthesizer that comes in a small compact body. But don’t be fooled by its size as it produces deep, expressive sounds that can add a new dimension of reviews as well as your compositions. 

Novation Peak

The Best Synthesizer

Novation Peak is the flagship model from Novation’s line of synths. It is an eight-voice polyphonic and with three oscillators that give a variety of wave forms. The sounds are perfect for a variety of electronica genres and the machine is solid and built to last. At about $1300, it’s aimed at intermediate players. 

Korg MS20

If you are ready to go all professional and are looking for a mix of contemporary and vintage sounds, then look no further. The Korg MS20 is loaded with controls and features that will keep you entertained for years. The synthesizer can be hooked up to your computer through USB and MIDI ports which makes recording a breeze. The best part about the synth is that it is straight out of the 70s with its vintage look. It would probably get you close to a Kraftwerk sound which is rather impressive considering the Kraftwerk sound influenced decades of electronica as this article states. 

Behringer Neutron

Behringer has always been a budget brand for musicians but don’t let that stop you from checking out the Neutron. This is a semi-modular beast that packs in a lot for the price it’s offered at. It’s built to copy the immensely popular CEM3340 from the 70s. Many players find the design a bit unsettling but that still shouldn’t stop you from checking it out. 

Synthesizers like most other musical instruments are ultimately a matter of personal choice and style. It will definitely help to go through online product demo videos to understand the sounds various models offer and zero in on the ones that work for your kind of music before you decide to splurge. 

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