Best Places to Live and Retire in the South

Best Places to Live and Retire in the South

When retirement is on the mind, it quickly becomes urgent to make sure you have the perfect plan in place. Of course, this is the decision for where you’ll spend your last years finally relaxing and unwinding, so of course, you’ll want to spend them comfortably and in the right place.  

These are some of the best southern cities to retire in, and why they’re such hot picks!

Best Places to Live and Retire in the South

Why the South?

Retirement in the south may feel like a strange idea until you realize that the south has some of the best things that could be useful to older adults.  The milder winters ensure that you don’t have to worry about the rough joint and muscle pain that can come with cold, dry air.

There’s plenty of greenery, tons of beautiful wildlife, and just enough gorgeous scenery so that you never have to be too far from nature.  At the same time, the cities in the south are huge and lively, and just living within an hour or two of them ensures that you’ll have all of the same amenities as city living! 

Washington, DC

As the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, is an obvious choice for anyone making a retirement plan.  This amazing city is full to the brim of museums, art galleries, and libraries, and you can take your time learning about each exhibit as you live there.  This is the second most expensive city on this list, but it’s worth it if you want to try living somewhere that will always allow you to be a student.

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Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

North Carolina may be best known for its beaches, but three hours away from those coastlines is the best part of the state.  Raleigh-Durham is an incredible place to live, especially if you want a chance at feeling like you’re living in a big city without all of the expense that comes with living here.  The locals are friendly, with an awesome music scene, and apartments in Durham, NC, are affordable enough that you can expand how much space you take up.

Leesburg, Georgia

This little town isn’t on anyone’s radar unless you’re from the area. However, the amazing atmosphere of this historic town gives it the feeling of being transported back to times before the internet and cellphones.  This tiny town sits just outside of Albany, a lively city with a lot of fun restaurants, shops, and a great mix of classic and brand new all in one place.  The birthplace of Ray Charles, and an important piece of music history, this city makes it so that you never have to drive far from a comfortable small town to find something spectacular to do or see.

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Orlando, Florida

This city needs no introduction, but it’s one of the most popular places to retire in the world.  For most of the year, sunny weather, friendly locals, and interesting entertainment combine into an incredible city you’ll never want to leave.  This is by far the most expensive city on the list, but many would say it’s worth it with everything that comes with it. 

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