Best Bathroom Scales 2020 Best Smart Scales

11 Best Smart Scales | Best Bathroom Scales Reviews Buyer Guide {2020}

Best Smart ScalesBest Bathroom Scales 2020. People today are more than ever concerned about their weight, physique and healthy lifestyle in general. At the same time, modern technologies allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle with a minimum of costs. So, one of the most affordable tools for this is a bathroom scale: electronic and mechanical. And which is better – Let me show you with best selling, most wished, consumer reports and best ratings. This article will help you to decide and choose the best one.

Best Bathroom Scales 2020 Best Smart Scales

Over the past decades, the functionality of floor scales has expanded significantly, and this relatively narrow market has become a real battleground for the customer. Manufacturers offer scales of all sizes, colors, shapes, simple, complex, expensive and cheaper – for every taste and every budget.

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So, It is almost impossible to navigate in this sea of devices, but there are certain points that are worth paying attention to.

Which Bathroom Scale is the best? Our Readers Have Spoken!

These are Their Picks for Best Smart Scales 2020 – Also Best Selling 2020

Choosing The Best Bathroom Scales 2020

Choosing the best bathroom scales that is also selling as best floor scales: I have picked and the best scale models. Firstly, whatever the scales, their first function is to measure weight . Such monitoring requires accuracy, since it is on this basis that we make decisions about changing the diet or the amount of water we drink.

Display / Reading

In terms of options for displaying information and its accuracy, all presented models are divided into two groups. The first is digital scales , which are the most accurate and show your weight with an accuracy of two digits after the decimal point.

Data is communicated to us using the small LCD screen at the top of the device. The second group is a mechanical balance with an analog display. They show the weight using the arrow installed in the center of the disk, which shows a kilogram scale.

When you get on such a scale, the dial turns and the arrow indicates how much you weigh – usually accurate to one decimal place. Such scales guarantee durability, reliability and a long service life.


Choosing the best floor smart scales: If you want to check the accuracy of any weights , you just need to find an object whose weight is known. For example, it could be a bottle of water or milk. If the weight of the item being weighed differs from the declared one, conduct another experiment with another object, since the weight of the first item you used may be erroneous.These are just perfect and best rated scales, which have a nice and rather warm plastic coating, which the scales with a glass platform lack, are special advantages. Large numbers and a soft bluish tone of the back-light also please. The measurement time is approximately 3 seconds.

When you look at these scales, you see the smartness and perfectly designed device. Everything is traditional here: a circular kilogram scale, an arrow-pointer, rough plastic platform. There are no minuses here, and where would they come from.

Power Supply

In addition to the features of data display, the balance can use a power source or not need it. Modern electronic scales are often equipped with a battery. Some manufacturers even rely on ecology and energy efficiency and make their scales work on solar panels. They are increasingly assimilated in this niche, finding their place in the hearts and homes of consumers.

If you do not want to constantly monitor the battery level in your scales, then you can choose a warm tube mechanics , which still has loyal fans.

Most available models are equipped with their own energy generation system. Perhaps there is no more energy-efficient option on the market, given the fact that solar panels work very mediocre. Otherwise, these are the simplest electronic scales: white, beautiful, super-ecological.

These mechanical scales have an unusual “round” vintage design and high dead weight. Since their body is made of metal, their weight is twice as much as that of plastic devices. Unbreakable scales that can be hurt.

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Choose The Smartest Best Bathroom Scale

We hope that you already have a little orientation on which floor scales are better. But some models are real masterpieces of electronics. It’s just dishonest to keep silent about them. On the market, you can find scales with internal memory. This feature allow you to monitor your progress, identifying the user every time you step on them. This is especially convenient in the family.

Best Smart Bathroom Scales allow you to study periods of weight loss or weight gain. It is useful in order to better understand and control the patterns of development of your body. There are even smart scales that can measure air quality. In addition, some of the modern scales can make recommendations based on measurements of body mass index (BMI) ,age, height and weight. True, they do not know how to open beer, but it will still be!

Study of other parameters of the body: 

Determination of the proportion of adipose tissue, muscle tissue, water, mass fraction of bone tissue, calculation of body mass index, determination of metabolism, percentage of visceral fat, protein, basal metabolism, body type, biological age;

Platform material: metal + plastic;

Feature: taking into account the ethnicity of the user in bioimpendance. A young Chinese company focused on smart health products has no rivals in terms of price and quality. Everything leads to this conclusion: a perfect assembly of these scales, rubberized legs smoothing out unevenness of the floor.

A shape that takes into account the tightness of space when every centimeter counts, as well as respect for the user’s immersion in the subject of their own health. The scales measure as many as 12 parameters. Interestingly, this takes into account the user’s belonging to a particular ethnic group, which is important.

Another point that pleases is the ability to measure the body according to 6 parameters: chest, hips, waist, etc. It is also possible to assign different statuses to measurements, for example, morning and evening measurements often differ.

Determining the proportion of adipose tissue, determining the proportion of muscle tissue, determining the proportion of water, determining the proportion of bone tissue, calculating BMI (BMI).

The study of other parameters of the body: determining the proportion of adipose tissue, muscle tissue and water, the mass fraction of bone tissue, calculating the body mass index, measuring the level of basal metabolism; determination of biological age (12-99 years) and physical type; functions “athlete” and “guest”;

They can be the most delicate pink color and at the same time, being the result of the work of a well-known manufacturer of medical equipment, they are very smart. They can do everything the same as the previous options, while their price is much lower. If you want to get smart scales at a reasonable price, here you are.

These scales will please you with their “mind”, but upset by the price, which tends to 9 thousand rubles. As for the intellectually filling, then they are at their best: scales can remember parameters as many as 16 people, they can measure not only weight, but also make full bioimpendance, calculate the desired calorie content and give advice on nutrition and physical activity. All this is introduced into a special application with which the scales can connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Metal and plastic platform

So, we have compiled for you a unique rating of floor scales – both electronic and mechanical, both smart and “dumber”, both energy-efficient and those that work on simple batteries. We hope that now the choice of such a necessary device for your home has become clearer for you.

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