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Top 3 Smart Watch You can Buy 2019

Top 3 Smartwatch You Can Buy In 2019

With the technology that keeps evolving, the Watch industry also joined the change. Before, watches are just a simple tool to provide you a tight time. But because of technology, everything changed from a simple wristwatch to a more entertaining watch that you can use for different occasions and activities.

There are a lot of types of watches like the Classic watch that has an old-fashioned design, luxury watches that are very elegant but expensive, and Smartwatches that is system operated and features that provides aide to your daily activities in life. That can be work, fitness, mountain climbing, and even going to the beach, Smartwatches can do this all.

Apple Watch 5

This watch was just recently released this month. Still, one of the best Smartwatches you can have in the market right now. The Apple Watch 5 is operating with watch OS 6 with a super AMOLED display and working with a powerful Apple S5 processor inside. You can have a storage of 32GB that is very suitable for saving important files on the go.

Best Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch 5 can survive up to 36 hours usage without having to charge it. And you can wireless charge this smartwatch for an easier refill of power. The good thing about this Smartwatch is being a water-resistant of 50 meters. Bringing this watch to beaches or rivers will not be a problem for you. The features are all the same with a little change from last year.

Fossil Sport

One of the top lists in Smartwatches this year. Just like any of Omega watch,  Fossil Sport is a premium Smartwatch with a classic feel to it. You can enjoy and experience features in a lower price range with this Smartwatch. Compatible to both Android and iOS systems combined with a pretty AMOLED display that is why this watch is on the top of the list.

Inside this Smartwatch is a Snapdragon wear 3100 chip-set that Qualcomm can provide to Smartwatches right now. This watch is also IP68 water-resistant, wearing this Smartwatch to any weather is an easy task. If you are a health-conscious type of person this is the right Smartwatch for you because it can provide features that complement health and fitness.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

A Sporty type of Smartwatch best for sporty lifestyle. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the best choices of Smartwatch you can buy in the market right now. It has a Tizen OS which Samsung usually make for their Smartwatches. It also has a Super AMOLED display that will provide a great experience to the user especially in bright places.

Samsung Watch latest Series

Powered by a dual-core processor with an on-board storage of 4GB, opening heavy applications and files is an easy task for this Smartwatch. You will also be experiencing a 4-day battery life and wireless charging with this one. The Galaxy Watch is perfect for a summer beach vacation or water rafting since it is still IP rated for about 50 meters.


These are the top 3 best Smartwatch you can have in 2019. The Samsung Galaxy Watch provides many features suited to any activity that you do every day. It also has a great design that will complement any type of dress that you will be wearing. The Fossil Sport, on the other hand, has a premium and classic design. You can enjoy its features in a lower price range.

While the Apple Watch 5 is the newer version of last year’s watch 4. This Smartwatch has minor changes to its features and design. Still, one of the best Smartwatch you buy in the market right now. Apple made the Watch 5 simple and sporty at the same time with the best specification you can find on a Smartwatch.

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