best wool pillow 2019

4 Important Features That Make Wool Pillow So Special

Important Features That Make Wool Pillow So Special

In today’s world, people are looking for organic natural bedding. The main reason is that most of the organic bedding product is good for health and skin. And the organic bedding product is hypoallergenic as well. You can find different organic bedding products in the market but the most common is the wool pillow.

best wool pillow 2019

Now, a question can come into your mind; why wool we need a wool pillow?

As all we know, Humankind started domesticating sheep from the very beginning of human society. So mankind has been utilizing wool for the making of bed sheets, comforter, carpets, blankets, clothing and the like from the beginning of civilization.

However, Nowadays Wool pillows are getting popularity because of its breathability and insulation. Sometimes, people get confusing which pillow can suitable for their bed, organic wool pillows or any synthetic materials filled pillow. According to The most bedding expert, synthetic materials filled pillow heat your head in the summer day but can not properly warm you during winter. But wool pillow won’t overheat you during a hot summer night. So, To get best benefit from wools you can choose merino wool bed pillows for your bedroom.

Let us know at first what wool pillow is?

The answer is simple. Wool pillows are exactly what their name suggests; pillows made from wool. But to make a wool pillow, the farmer has to collect wool from the body of the sheep. And then the raw wool has to be cleaned and refined in a chemical process. Do not worry much about this chemically refined wool pillow as the manufacturers do not use harsh chemicals to refine the raw wool.

However, Another important question people are asking on the internet is why the wool pillow is so special compared to the other pillows.

Well, wool pillows are special for a number of reasons, for instance:

01). The wool pillow can regulate your body temperature while you are sleeping in your bed. People think that only the silk fabric and bamboo fabric can regulate body temperature both in the winter and summer. But wool can do the same job as a silk pillowcase and bamboo pillow. So, The wool pillow can keep the pillow user cool during the summer season and keeps the pillow user warm during winter season.

02). Another important feature of the wool pillow is that it is 100% hypoallergenic in nature. Additionally, it can resist dust and mold. However, the synthetic material filled pillow attract mold, bacteria, dust mites easily.  But the wool pillow works great here. Since it is made with natural fabric and refined by a chemical process, it has the ability to hinder any types of harmful elements that can cause itching, snoring, allergic.

03). Another great attribute in the wool pillow is that it has moisture absorbency properties. So, it can manage moisture easily. Additionally, some doctors suggest a wool pillow to the patient who suffers from chronic pain.

04). At the last,wool pillow is not expensive at all. You can afford to buy this pillow. Moreover, this pillow can last for a long time. And you can easily wash this pillow in your washing machine.


The wool pillow can provide enormous benefits to its users. If you have cotton bedding, we are suggesting you use wool bedding once, then you will not return back to your cotton bedding again.

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