What is There to Do in Woodland
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What is There to Do in Woodland?

Are you on the lookout for Woodland apartments and need some time to yourself to take in the sights and revel in the more quirky cultural elements of the city? Have no fear. Woodland has many eclectic offerings, as well as some tried-and-true activities that will keep you energized, distracted, and ultimately in the best state of mind to find the right new home for yourself.

What is There to Do in Woodland

01. California Agriculture Museum

This museum takes the form of an enormous warehouse with over one hundred tractors on display, as well as historic farm artifacts. There are also play areas for children. Considered one of the nation’s most unique collections, this is a great place for people who are curious about agricultural history. 

02. Woodland Opera House Theatre

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and also considered a California Historical Landmark, this opera house in Downtown historic Woodland produces musicals, plays, and comedies throughout the year. They also offer youth and adult classes in musical theatre, drama, and dance. 

03. Reiffs Gas Station Museum

Founded in 2000, this museum of American car memorabilia occupies the house of the owner and founder Mark Reiff. Consisting of 1950s nostalgia, retro automobiles, and artifacts of car culture, Lovers of automobiles will delight in this museum that is one of the more unique in the Woodland area. 

04. Woodland Public Library and Rose Garden

The Woodland Public Library happens to be the oldest Carnegie-funded library in California. Another entry on this list of places earning a spot on the National Historic Register, the library also has gorgeous rose gardens on the property that encourage visitors to attend not only to the books and history inside but the curated wilderness outside. 

05. Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology

This museum is one of the many ministries of Woodland United Fellowship, a local church in Woodland. The museum is open to the public and educates the community about the history, culture, land, and people of the Bible. 

06. Yolo County Historical Museum

Currently being shown at Gibson House in Woodland, the Yolo County historical collection consists of over 11,000 objects dating between the 1830s and 1930s including textiles, agricultural equipment, photographs, tools, archeological findings, and more that illustrate the lives of Yolo County residents in prior centuries. 

07. Velocity Island Park

This popular water park in Woodland has so many offerings that one won’t know where to begin! Whether it be the 25,000 square foot inflatable obstacle course, wakeboarding, or just relaxing on the beach and taking in the different event offerings, Velocity Island Park is a unique and modern take on water sports that can provide fun for individuals, couples, and families. They also have a bar and grill, so you won’t have to leave the park for refreshments.

As you can see, there is no end to traditional and eclectic offerings in Woodland, California. Whether you are moving here for work or an overall life change, seeking peace or pleasure, risk or relaxation, there will always be something for you to do in this vibrant and inviting town. 

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