Top 10 Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag Reviews 2019

Christmas Tree Storage containers are good option and one of the most effective ways to protect the condition of trees. Boxes and bags for Christmas items are available in a variety of materials at different prices. Although the tree can carry in a box, the box is deformed, torn and difficult to wear after a few years.

Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag

The price of a new box or storage bag can often be saved by increasing the use of trees and other decorations that are stored with it.

Benefits of Storing the Christmas Trees:

  • It helps to preserve the shape of the tree
  • Protect tips, needles, and branches from bending and breaking
  • Protect lamps on previously lit trees from moisture and wear
  • Do not allow dust to dump on branches and tips
  • Prevent rodents from getting into the trees
  • Keep worms, cobwebs and young turtles away from holiday items
  • Make sure that the decorations that remain on the tree or near the tree remain clean and complete

Types Of Christmas Trees Storage Containers:

Plastic bags: usually contain zippers and handles
The purse for pouches: usually they have zip fasteners and reinforced handles, sometimes wheels
Cardboard boxes: these boxes are usually long boxes, wide diameter, detachable, comfortable top
Plastic boxes: they are usually long and have snap fasteners at the top, sometimes with wheels and handles
Vertical fences made of wood: these are large pockets surrounding the base of the tree and rustling or stump in standing position around the tree

Best Christmas Trees Storage Container Bags Reviews

No need to waste your time and money in buying cheap quality storage bag or containers for Christmas trees every year. We bring to you best selling top quality Christmas tree container reviews. You can have a look on below provided our top picks who can give you the real value of your money with their high-quality reliable bags. We have concluded the user’s choice, high rating customer reviews, and physical testing before listed them up.

Best-Selling Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Elf Stor Premium Green Christmas Tree Bag Holiday Extra Large for up to 9′ Tree Storage

Elf Stor Premium Green Christmas Tree storage bag provides an easy way to save your artificial tree to use for year after year. It is enough long and wider bag can hold up to 9 feet long disassembled artificial tree. It made of a high-quality tear-proof material that is much durable. This bag is available in dark green color. It comes with sturdy vinyl carry handles to help you move it easily. 

Elf Stor 83-DT5512 Premium Green Christmas Bag Holiday Extra Large for up to 9' Tree Storage, 9 Foot

Usability and Safety – It has the water-resistant ability and reliable to protect your Christmas tree from rodents, dust, and mildew as well. This bag is the only one-time investment to keep your favorite trees neat and clean as a new one to use every year. You just need to disassemble the tree, put into the bag, tied the zip and store it safely. It will be more batter to have a readily available tree for decoration than buy a new one on every year. So you can save your time and money each Christmas.

Why We Recommend This:

  • Measures 64 1/2″ length, 15″ width and 30 1/2″ deep
  • High-quality tear-proof polypropylene made
  • Ideal for 9 foot tall Christmas tree
  • Durable, easy to grip handles
  • Safe storage free from moisture, dust, and pests
  • Easy to fold when not in use
  • Strong zipper with full length   

Zober Christmas Tree Storage Bag

When it comes to more convenient, Zober Christmas Tree Storage Bag is reliable. It made of high-quality material and available at a reasonable price. It is an ideal bag to store up to 7 feet artificial Christmas tree to protect for year after year.  

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag - Fits Up to 7 Foot Holiday Xmas Disassembled Trees with Durable Reinforced Handles & Dual Zipper - Waterproof Material Protects from Dust, Moisture & Insects

It is easy to hold and transport with top and side steady handles. It has a transparent card slot that you can use to mention stored item. This bag provides you enough space with 48 inches length, 15 inches wider and 20 inches deep to safely store your artificial tree. So it is perfect because when you try to put your tree back into its original box, this struggle can damage your tree.

Its tear-resistant material also protects from dust, damages, critters, and mildew. As a result, when you open your bag on next Christmas, you will get out back your tree fresh like new.

Why We Recommend This:

  • Tear-resistant material
  • Protects from damages, dust, and mildew
  • Clear card slot on the side to label
  • Ideal to store up to 7 feet taller tree
  • Easy to carry and shift with handles on top and side
  • Durable long size zipper makes easy to put in or out
  • Best for holiday inflatables  

Lowest Price in Best Quality:

Elf Stor Deluxe Green Holiday Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Elf Stor Deluxe Green Holiday is an ideal storage bag for Christmas tree. It provides you with an easy and safe way to place your Christmas tree after holidays. It is a tear-proof heavy duty bag to protect your tree safe from dust, insects, moisture, and damages.  

Elf Stor 1009 Christmas Tree Storage Bag, 7.5 Foot, GREEN

It is the best storage to hold up to 9 feet taller tree. It has enough to keep safe in 61.5″ long, 27.5″ wider and 27.5″ deep space. Moreover, it is very easy to hold and shift with nylon reinforced handles. So you can effortlessly tote your Christmas cargo. You may also fold it flat when not in use.

Very easy to use, just place your Christmas artificial tree in the bag, close its long full-length zip and store it anywhere until next holidays. You can also place an identification in provided transprint card slot at the side.

Why We Like This:

  • Heavy-duty tear-proof polypropylene made
  • Reinforced nylon handles
  • Best to store up to 9 feet artificial tree
  • Full-length long zipper
  • Transpirint card slot on the side
  • Available in dark green color
  • Easy to use, unpack, unfold and place your tree
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Protects from moisture, dust and insects   

Handy Laundry Christmas Tree Storage Bag

When you have a reliable good quality storage bag to store your artificial Christmas tree, it will be more easy to clean-up after the holidays. Handy Laundry Christmas Tree Storage Bag is fully capable to give you a convenient way to pack-up your decorations to store for next Christmas seasons.  

Christmas Tree Storage Bag - Stores a 9-Foot Disassembled Artificial Xmas Holiday Tree. Durable Waterproof Material to Protect Against Dust, Insects, and Moisture. Zippered Bag with Carry Handles.

It is available in two option one for up to 9 feet artificial tree and other for 4 feet taller tree. It is available in lovely color combination shining red color bag with soft green belt handles on top and sides. It has enough space to store even a larger tree than 9 feet but when they unassembled in small parts. It provides you a large wider space up to 65 inches long, 15 inches wide and 30 inches high inner area.

It made of a high and strong material having a full-size long zipper. So it is very durable, heavy duty tarp bag to protect your tree from dust, moisture, and insects. It provides a safe storage to prevent any damages. As a result, you can use your same artificial tree for many years like new. It makes you very easy to handle it, carry it for transportation and shifting from one place to any other place.

Why We Recommend This:

  • Made of heavy-duty tarp material
  • Easy to pick top and side handles
  • Full-size long zipper
  • Available in 2 sizes (for 9 feet & 4 feet tree)
  • Relaible protection from dust, damage, moisture, and insects
  • Transpirint side pocket for labeling
  • Easy to clean, fold when not in use
  • Christmas contras Cheerful red color   

Household Essentials 6032 MightyStor Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Household Essentials 6032 MightyStor offers a light-weight and strong storage bag for your artificial Christmas tree. It is a white color bag with green trim belt straps. It construct with a high quality tear-proof material which protects from moisture, dirt, pests, and damages.  

Household Essentials 6032 MightyStor Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Handles | White with Green Trim

It is enough large bag, you can fit it over an assembled tree or you can store unassembled parts. Its long zipper makes it easy to packing and unpacking. There are two reinforced handles on the middle of the bag for easy to move and carry with you. Overall, it is an ideal choice to hold and keep your artificial tree safe and protected to use on next holidays.

Why We Like This:

  • Tear-proof polyethylene
  • Well-made lightweight and strong storage bag
  • Full-length long zipper
  • Easy to carry side handles
  • Clear card slot on the side for the identification label
  • White color with green trim handles
  • Reliable protection from moisture, dirt, pests, and damages
  • 60 inches long, 30 inches deep and 30 inches wide
  • Best for up to 7 feet artificial tree  

CoverMates – Holiday Tree Storage Bag

If you have a long Christmas tree from 9 to 11 feet tall, looking for the best solution to protect it for year after year then CoverMates – Holiday Tree Storage Bag is an efficient product for you. It is a well-constructed with moisture-proof polyester. It is a very durable and heavy-duty storage bag comes with a three-year warranty. 

Covermates - Holiday Tree Storage Bag - Fits 9 to 11 Foot Tree - 3 Year Warranty - Red

Full of features storage bag – It has four inches straps to secure the branches of your artificial Christmas tree. This bag comes with a very strong zipper pocket which is very easy to access. Its durable reinforced paddle handles make you easy to carry, shifting and traveling. You can place an identification label in provided clear card slot. Moreover, it has top-cover with dual zipper, easy to open and close. There is a clear view window to see what is inside the bag.

CoverMates – Holiday Tree Storage Bags are available in different multiple size, shape, and color so you can choose anyone according to your choice and need. It provides you an inner space with 64 inches long, 24 inches wide and 24 inches deep dimensions.

Why We Recommend This:

  • High-class moisture proof material 600D polyester
  • Protects from dust, damage, and pests
  • Reinforced paddle handles
  • Transparent window for clear inner view
  • Convenient zipper pocket
  • Identification label slot
  • Full-size double zipper closure
  • Three-year warranty
  • Selectable multiple colors, styles, and sizes  

Santas Bags SB-10133 Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Santas Bags SB-10133 is very suitable storage bag to hold up to 6 to 9 feet tall Christmas trees. It made of imported polyester nylon fabric material with the reinforced plastic panels. It covered with a high-quality zipper across on the full-length opening.

Red Duffle Bag Tree Storage Bag - X-Large 9 Foot Christmas Tree Storage Bag for Artificial Trees up to 9 Feet Tall - Durable 300 D Poly-Blend Fabric - ID Tag Holder  Santa's Bags

Santas Bags SB-10133 Christmas Tree Storage Bag comes with reinforced handles on sides for easy carrying while inner straps for compression to provide maximum available space. Its measurements are 59 inches long, 27 inches wide and 24 inches deep. It is fully capable to protect your tree from moisture, dust and damages. Every season when you open it, You will find your tree like new one. Overall it is a reliable storage solution to save your artificial trees last to use for year after years. It

Why We Recommend This:

  • Made of best quality Polyester Nylon imported fabric
  • Durable and reliable artificial tree storage
  • Strong handles for easy move
  • Reinforced rear panels
  • Great protection for 6 to 9 feet trees
  • Clear to see label slot for identification
  • Eye-catching Red color with black straps
  • Easy to clean and fold when not in use  

Primode Holiday Tree Storage Bag

Primode is a well-known name in reliable storage solutions for multiple decorations and household items including artificial Christmas trees. Now they offer premium quality holiday bag to store up to 9 feet taller tree. It can protect your artificial tree for the rest of the year from damage, dirt, and bugs in a moisture-free environment. 

Primode Holiday Tree Storage Bag, Heavy Duty Storage Container, 25" Height X 20" Wide X 65" Long (Green)

This bag featured with a full-size long zip to make it easy to place in and pull out artificial tree very effortlessly. Just open the bag, place your tree inside the bag and store it anywhere until the next holidays. It has sturdy handles for easy shifting, carrying and transporting. It is also very easy to clean and you can fold it flat when not in use. You can also this versatile storage bag to several other items like lights, toys, gifts, garland, and ornaments.

Why We Recommend This:

  • Premium quality convenient storage
  • Holds up to 9 feet taller artificial tree
  • Heavy Duty full long Zipper
  • Durable carry handles
  • No assembly required
  • Outside front zipper pocket
  • Clear tag slot on a side
  • Easy to clean and fold when not in use
  • Perfect to store ornaments, garland, lights, decorations, and toys.
  • Available in Red and Green colors
  • Dimensions 25 x 20 x 65   

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