Top 10 Best Fountain Pens Reviews And Buying Guide

Ever since the creation of the first fountain pen in 1884, We have been using them like smooth.

Use like creative writing of ballpoints, computers, tablets and even smartphones notes pens etc.

No matter how much we get high-tech, we cannot wrote professional writing without using fountain pens. Its comes with different features and nib or body qualities. 

You must consider own writing style, quality measurements and smoothness level on page while select the fountain pen.    

Best-Fountain-Pens reviews

In this article we provides you solution of whose issues that accrue while buying fountains pens. So we offers top best models of pens table after compile the experts opinion, user feed backs and pricing level as per quality or features. 

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

It’s an excellent Fountain pen, yet you’ll also find that it is also one of the cheapest smooth writing pen you’ll find online.

It’s available in charcoal Black ABS colored plastic body and coated steel nib; fine point, that had ton of 5-Star reviews. 

If you can get it for under $20, grab it. That’s one heck of a deal on a GOOD pen with T10 Blue Cartridge and Z24 cartridge converter! ( see color choices, check current price & read reviews here ).

  • Steel Nib with smooth writing feature.
  • Fine point with frequent ink flow
  • Upper charcoal plastic body.
  • Compatible  Z24 cartridge converter
Lamy Safari Fountain pen Charcoal

                                                     In the picture:
                               Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Charcoal
                                lots of Features – get more info:


These are best picks for the Top 5 fountain pen of 2019. With Listing Guidance and each product detailed description or Pros/Cons.

Top Seller
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Quality Conclusion

Top selling model in fountain pen. Best deal in low price with Black coated steel nib, Standard soft point. Frequent ink flow and one Lamy T10 Blue Cartridge.


  • Durable Steel nib.
  • Black Coated.
  • Charcoal plastic body.
  • Z24 cartridge converter.


  • Cap loser after passage of time as per user complaint.   
Expert's Choice
Jinhao 250 Fountain Pen

Quality Conclusion

Look attractive and most durable pen in this deal. You get stainless nib gold plated. smooth writing, Removable Converter & Refillable and Push cap. Standard Ink Cartridge.


  • Smooth writing expertise.
  • Durable outer body.
  • Refillable Options.


  • Unclog nib issue as per some user complaints or cap losing.
Amazon's Choice
Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

Quality Conclusion

If you want fountain pen in Mid range price with finest quality medium size nib size, 1 Pilot black ink cartridge and 1 Pilot Press Plate Converter. Black barrel upper body color. 


  • Reasonable Pricing.
  • Medium size nib and point.
  • Strong capture cap. 


  • Some manufacture issue as per complaints of users.
Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen

Quality Conclusion

Best Fountains pen as all ultimate features and most attractive body. No chance ink bleeding, blotching, skipping and stacking issues. Best for long run writing experience. 


  • Less and delicate weight. Strong handy grip.
  • Gold nib.
  • Frequent ink blow.


  • Expensive in price and some time bleed ink as per feedback.
Cheapest In Price
Pilot V Pen Disposible Fountain

Quality Conclusion

In less budget best fashionable and modern fountain pen. Very continent and easy to use as personal experience. Advanced ink flow system and retro styled barrel. 


  • Amazing ink flow system.
  • More frequent writing.
  • Smooth nib out put. 


  • Limited in edition and disposable fountain pen. 



Our Rating

Best Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Black Barrel

  • Medium nib with smooth writing style.
  • Latest pen quality in this range.
  • Comes with black ink cartridge.
  • Easy refiling with Plate Converter.
  • Carry box with glass cover.
Best Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

  • ABS colored plastic body in charcoal finishing.
  • Steel nib with upper black coated.
  • T10 Blue Cartridge with one lamy.
  • Also support Z24 cartridge converter.
  • Light in weight and balancing writing.
Best Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

  • Standard nib size.
  • Comes in plastic box.
  • Smooth writing and steel nib.
  • Comes Black ink cartridge.
  • Light weight and balanced.
Best  JINHAO 250 Fountain Pen 4 Pieces in 4 Colors of Amazon

JINHAO 250 Fountain Pen 4 Pieces in 4 Colors

  • Standard nib with classical design.
  • Stainless steel nib with smooth nib.
  • International Standard ink tank.
  • Easy refilling system with Removable Converter.
  • Upper cap in push style.
ZenZoi Fountain Pen Writing Set Case 100% Handcrafted

ZenZoi Fountain Pen

  • Hand designed fall in antique pens collections.
  • Vintage fountain pen. calligraphy set.
  • Medium nib for smooth signature writing.
  • Best for all creative types, writers, business or professionals.
  • Comes in GIFT BAMBOO CASE.
Best Pilot V Pen (Varsity) Disposable Fountain Pens

Pilot V Pen (Varsity) Disposable Fountain Pens

  • Disposable Fountain Pen stylish, smooth usage.
  • Set of 5 pens with latest liquid ink system.
  • Transparent in flow supply system.
  • Made in Japan with high quality plastic.
  • Advanced retro styled barrel.


  • Latest Prestige, privilege and simple elegance.
  • Frequent ink flow system, and elegant design.
  • Its durable product makes with steel.
  • Standard nib tip point and medium breath hole.
  • Nib made from iridium.
Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen [DANGEROUS RED] | Modern Classic Limited Edition

Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen

  • Comes in multiple coloring.
  • Smooth writing without any ink bleed, blocking etc.
  • Durable and you can be writing many hours.
  • Medium nib with gold color finishing.
  • Comes in secure pouch and blue-black ink cartridges.
Best Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen of Amazaon

Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen

  • Contains Threaded cap and barrel design.
  • Hold up comfortability with strong gripping.
  • Nib made with stainless steel.
  • Come in beautiful gift box.
  • Strong mechanical ink flow system
Buy Best Scribe Sword Fountain Pen With Ink

Scribe Sword Fountain Pen With Ink

  • Made with highest quality material.
  • Delivering a weight balance and consistent ink flow.
  • Comes with box of 6 international size ink cartridges.
  • Best for Deliver beautiful and personalized calligraphy or signatures.
  • Provides with leather stitched box.


These are best picks for the Top 10 fountain pen of 2019. as per our Experts!

With the invention of the ballpoint pen, fountain pens seem like an ancient artifact. Calligraphy with a high-quality en remains the most satisfying, customization, and smooth writing experience.

Like other great tools, there are countless manufacturers designed and produced the fountain pens. We have narrowed down a few model’s descriptions, reviews, and their features too.


Best fountain pen reviews 2018

in the picture:

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen

Silver Barrel, Classic Design, Fine Nib, Black Ink

Check More picture at

We pick and test the 10 best Fountain pen available on the market but we think what our readers say is much more valuable to you.

Our reader make Ideal picks of the year! For example, this Fountain pen is their #1 choice – and it’s a good one!

Our readers picked these 10 Affordable fountain pen as the best options for office and home use.

Fountain pens are a great pleasure to write with. If you haven’t used a fountain pen, it is recommended to use one so that you know how it feels to write with a fine fountain pen. You can choose one from the list above as these pens will not going to cost you too much.

Fountain pens have their class and style. Even today in the age of technology, there is no gift better than a fountain pen.

Top 10 Best Fountain Pen Reviews 2019:

When looking for fountain pens for sale, you have to look at a lot of factors before choosing one, for instance, the nib type, pen design, how it is filled and its price. These are some of the variables that must be taken into consideration when buying a new fountain pen.

ImageName/BrandNib TypeRefill/ DisposablePrice
PILOT V PENUnique Real Fountain Pen NibDisposable$9.80  
JINHAO 250 FOUNTAIN PENS18k Gold-plated stainless steel nibInk Refill Converter$10.48  
LAMY SAFARI FOUNTAIN PENBlack Coated Steel Fine Point NibInk Refill Converter$19.04 
PILOT METROPOLITAN COLLECTIONMedium NibInk Refill Converter$14.79  
PILOT VARSITY DISPOSABLE FOUNTAIN PENSUnique Real Fountain Pen NibDisposable$14.79  
Dryden Luxury Fountain PenMedium NibInk Refill Converter$35.45  
Cross Classic Century Lustrous ChromeMedium NibAdditional ink colors and widths availableCheck on Amazon
CAPLIN ROSE GOLD FOUNTAIN PENFine & Medium NibInk Refill ConverterOut of stock   
Scribe Sword Fountain PenMedium NibInk Refill Converter $28.99  
ZenZoi Fountain PensMedium NibInk Refill Converter$19.99  

To make things easy for you and to let you buy the best fountain pen, we have selected and reviewed top 10 best fountain pens.

#10. Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen:

Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen is well-designed pen to enhance your writing creativity. It is the most comfortable, beautiful, elegant writing instrument. The latest classic limited edition fountain pen expertly designed for your personal and professional use.

From nib to barrel, finishing of the product is also fine and beautiful balance of function. 

DRYDEN Fountain Pen with Ink [12 Black & 12 Blue Cartridges] - Intense Black - Smooth Elegant Writing - Best Fountain Pens Collection - Gift Pen Ready

Product Features:

  • Move smoothly over the page without blotching, bleeding, or skipping
  • Showcase your unique creative identity
  • Delicate weight ratio, that suits for both left handed and right handed writers
  • Equipped with medium nib, free converter
  • Available with lifetime money back guarantee


  • Well-designed, nice balance
  • Ink Refill Converter
  • Smooth nib, and offers overall high quality
  • Great product for writing smoothly
  • Exceptionally affordable price
  • Stylish, functional and enjoyable to use


  • The cap of the pen loses after some times put on off  

#09. Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Fountain Pen:

Cross Lustrous Chrome Fountain Pen is fresh style to our most iconic classic design. The latest edition in the classic century collection inspires the visionaries for more than six decades. In a cap over profile lets, you convey your best ideas. This product comes with an icon of American design and innovation.

The choice of movers, shakers, and ground breakers is offering since 1946. In addition, it also offers you additional ink colors and widths available. 

Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Fountain Pen with Medium (AT0086-74MS)

Product Features:

  • Included threaded cap and barrel design holds cap securely in place (in the closed or posted position)
  • Stainless steel fountain pen nib
  • Swivel-action propel/repel feature.
  • Subtle incised line pattern
  • Available with lifetime mechanical guarantee


  • Cross quality and sound performance
  • Super smooth, no sleek, skipping, and attractive
  • Smoothest writing
  • Work great for just about any occasion


  • Ink blotches so you have to wait a few minutes after writing  


Caplin Rose Gold Fountain Pen is the luxury beautiful model. It offers you a streamlined construction, which meets a comfortable weight ratio. This model gives you a heavy feel, but comes in lightweight and highly graceful writing style. In addition, the nib of the pen is made of iridium gold that suits to all kinds of pages. It flows across the page with a luxurious style.

This flow makes each signature look like a piece of art. To design the fine pens, Caplin Rose Gold Fountain Pen used Iridium (a hardest material). This quality material enhances the tip durability and helps the pen avoid the scratches. 

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Product Features:

  • Enhance your honor, regard, and simple grace as you want
  • Luxury Vintage Pen
  • Do no skips, blotches, or spots
  • Perfect weight-comfort ratio that offers you the graceful stress-free writing
  • Most reliable and stylish ink flow
  • Streamlined rose wood
  • Nib is made of Iridium with Gold accenting (suitable for all sorts of pages)
  • Available with 100% satisfaction and money back warranty


  • No bleeding, blotting, skipping, or spotting difficulties
  • Handcrafted Wine Rosewood like ideal gift
  • Gracious Ink Flow
  • Completely blemish-free writing experience
  • Built-in ink converter allows you easily refill your pen
  • Avoid to suffer any accidental leaks
  • A wonderful investment


  • The converter sticks into barrel  


#07. Scribe Sword Fountain Pen:

Scribe Sword Fountain Pen designed to provide you amazing writing experience. This high quality pen set a part by viewing special feels and looks. The stylish fountain pens deliver something unique by combining the advanced styles and modern look. It also delivers and incomparable writing experience.

In addition, this high quality metal pen performs all of the works of art. The customer service department of Scribe Sword Fountain Pen has up to 50 years of working closely to the people. It also offers thoroughly satisfaction and lifetime warranty.   

Scribe Sword Fountain Pen with Ink - Calligraphy Pens for Writing - Luxury Designer Set - Medium NIB - A Business Executive Fountain Pen and Case - Instructions Included ...

Product Features:

  • Manufactured with high quality material
  • Calligraphy Pens For Writing
  • Deliver high quality writing experience
  • Equipped with medium sized nib for ideal line thickness
  • Smooth and professional look
  • Stylish design
  • 100% satisfaction and lifetime warranty


  • Suitable for both experts and beginners alike
  • Awesome case which is easy to set up
  • A luxury designer gift set
  • Great if you like a medium nib pen
  • Great, professional look stylish pen
  • Come with refillable ink container


  • Ink blotches and leaks
  • Quite expensive  

#06. ZenZoi Fountain Pens:

ZenZoi Fountain Pen Writing Set Case is the antique fountain pen. It designed for smooth writing, so it comprised a medium nib in it. It paired with an attractive bamboo case, which makes a fantastic display part. It is a surprisingly superior tool ensures your signature carries exclusive authority.

This product offers you an advanced ink refill converter to draw ink directly from ink bottle. This pen can perform well with almost all sorts of generic, international size ink holders. Besides, this stylish pen is the smart gift for the creative type, writers, and professionals.  

Fountain Pen Writing Set Case 100% Handcrafted Bamboo Vintage Collection with Ink Refill Converter - You Get Best Signature Calligraphy Antique Executive Business Gift Pens - 100% Quality Guarantee

Product Features:

  • 100% Handcrafted Bamboo fountain pen from traditional pens collection
  • Come with matching bamboo gift case.
  • Antique calligraphy set
  • Standard nib for smooth writing
  • Available with 100% money back warranty


  • Writes beautifully
  • Smooth, no skipping
  • Easy to hold
  • Good ink flow
  • Ink Refill Converter


  • Cap is tight to pull off  

#05. Pilot V Pen:

The pilot is great at offering fountain pens in the form of packs. In this case, you can get this pack of 5 varsity disposable fountain pens.

Pilot V Pen (Varsity) Disposable Fountain Pens, Black Ink, Small Point Value Set of 5?With Our Shop Original Product Description?

The best thing about varsity fountain pens is their price and ease of use. With these Pilot V pens, you get fine, nice quality, decently made fountain pens with medium nibs. These pens have medium nibs but consider it close to fine. The writing is very smooth.

These pens come with advanced liquid ink system which is one reason why they write so smooth. The ink is visible, so you know when it is about to end.


  • You get five pens for the price of one. You don’t have to look any further for fountain pens for sale.
  • All the pens have medium nibs.
  • The ink is visible making it easy for the users to change the pen when it is about to end.
  • They are nicely designed pens.


  • Pilot V fountain pens are very affordable.
  • They write smooth.
  • All the pens have advanced liquid ink system, so they don’t smudge.
  • Well-designed.


  • These pens are disposable so you can use them once. You cannot refill.


Pilot V disposable fountain pens are a perfect set of pens for you if you are looking for fine disposable pens. These are all disposable pens, and they write smoothly just like fountain pens. But the fact of the matter is, they don’t have fine nibs so don’t expect a lot of smoothness from these pens.

At Amazon, 213 customers have reviewed them with 4.5 stars. For a cheap fountain pen, this rating is not bad.

Pilot V fountain pens are for those who want to enjoy the fine writing of fountain pens at a fairly low cost. 

#04. Jinhao 250 Fountain Pens:

If you are looking for fountain pens for sale, you should grab Jinhao 250 fountain pens as you get four different fountain pens at a very reasonable price. You will love them because all of them come in different colors and they all look gorgeous.

JINHAO 250 Fountain Pen 4 Pieces in 4 Colors

Regarding writing, two of them have medium nibs while the other two have fine nibs. But the fine is not as fine so expect medium nib from Jinhao fountain pens. The nibs are made of stainless steel and are gold-plated. Yes, they are.

They all come with refillable cartridges. You can easily fill the cartridges with any ink you like. These are a perfect starter pens for beginners.


  • All the four pens come in different colors.
  • These pens come in different colors, but they carry the same design.
  • Nibs are made of stainless steel and are gold-plated.
  • These pens have refillable cartridges.


  • The best thing about Jinhao 250 fountain pens is that they are very affordable.
  • The nib of Jinhao fountain pen is made of stainless steel.
  • These pens are stylish and come in different colors.
  • These pens are refillable.


  • All the pens have medium nibs which is not so great for writing.


As it is evident that Jinhao 596 fountain pens are great regarding their price. If you are a starter and just started using fountain pens, you should grab them. A Jinhao fountain pen is great for beginners due to its medium nib. Once you get used to it, you can move to the fine nib and then extra-fine nib.

Around 217 customers have reviewed these pens at Amazon with an average of 4.3 stars. Slightly low rating and fewer number of purchases are an indication of the fact that these pens have medium nibs. We all know that fountain pens with medium nibs are not so good at writing.

If you are beginner and price is important for you, and if you are looking for fountain pens for sale, then Jinhao 250 fountain pens are best for you. Don’t miss them.

#03. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen:

Safari fountain pen by Lamy is a killer because it is a best seller at Amazon. Anything that’s best seller at Amazon means it has something great to offer.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Charcoal - Fine

Sure, it does offer a lot of value.

Safari fountain pen is made from ABS plastic, and it comes in charcoal color. ABS plastic is far better than normal plastic, and this is what makes it look decent as well as it feels great. You will love using it. It has nib fine, not extra-fine. However, the great thing about its nib is that it is made from steel and is coated.

Now here is the real deal. You can use both cartridges as well as a converter with your Lamy Safari fountain pen. It comes with a blue cartridge, but you can also use a Z24 converter with it. Converters are better than cartridges in the long-run for several reasons so you should go for a converter.


  • A decent and stylish pen that’s made of ABS plastic.
  • The nib is fine which is great at fluent writing.
  • You can use both cartridges as well as a converter with your Safari fountain pen.
  • The nib of the pen is black coated and is made of steel.
  • A perfect starter pen.


  • It is a best seller pen at Amazon, so you should expect a lot from this one.
  • It is well-designed, stylish and has great finishing.
  • The nib is fine and is made of steel.
  • You can use both converters as well as a cartridge with your pen.


  • The nib is not extra-fine.
  • It is a bit expensive as compared to other fountain pens.


Lamy Safari fountain pen is perfect for starters and school use. Due to its fine nib, it is not one of those professional fountain pens. But in fine nib category, this one is a killer.

It has been reviewed by 1378 customers at Amazon with 4.3 stars. Though it has low average stars as compared to Pilot fountain pens it is the best seller in the category. This is what makes it so famous.

Safari fountain pen is a great pen for a lifetime. Once you have it, you will not have to look for fountain pens for sale anymore because if you use it carefully, nothing will happen to it. You can use it for your entire life.

#02. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen:

If you are looking for fountain pens for sale to give as a gift to someone very dear to you, there is nothing better than Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen. It has fine nib, great design, it writes smoothly, and it comes in a perfect plastic casing. What else you need with your fountain pen?

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Black Barrel, Classic Design, Medium Nib, Black Ink (91107)

It is a very sleek pen that makes gripping easy. When you can grip your pen firmly, you can write exceptionally well. Its medium-fine nib will help you write perfectly because it promotes clean writing. It is a refillable pen so you can refill it with your favorite ink.


  • A very stylish and well-designed fountain pen.
  • Pilot Metropolitan medium nib promotes clean and smooth writing.
  • It is made from the high quality material.
  • It comes in a beautiful plastic case which makes it a perfect pen for a gift.
  • You can change the nib as per need.


  • A perfect pen for writing and for giving away as a present to friends.
  • The design and style of the pen are really cool. You will love it.
  • It has a medium fine nib which is good, and if you want, you can replace it with a finer nib of your choice.
  • A decent quality fountain pen at affordable price.


  • It has a medium fine nib which most of the writers, don’t like much.


Pilot Metropolitan collection fountain pen has two great things about it. First, it makes a great gift because it comes in a really beautiful plastic case. Secondly, despite its medium-fine nib, it writes very well.

It has been reviewed by 1002 customers on Amazon with average 4.5 stars which shows that it is a fountain pen that is loved by people at large.

No matter whether you are buying it for personal use or someone special, you will not get disappointed with your purchase.

#01. Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens:

If you use fountain pens, you will probably know about Pilot. It is one of the leading fountain pen manufacturing company. Varsity disposable fountain pens from Pilot come in a pack of 7 pens. Each pen has different colored ink including blue, purple, pink, black, red, aqua and sky blue. You get all these different colored pens in a single pack.

Pilot Varsity Fountain Pens, 7-Pack Pouch, Assorted Color Inks (90029)

The two main features of Varsity disposable fountain pens are that their ink is visible so you will never end up in the middle of writing something important, and secondly, they have an advanced liquid ink system that promotes smooth writing.


  • The nib is very gentle and gives you real pleasure to write with this pen.
  • It has disposable advance liquid ink which is visible. You know when your pen’s ink is about to finish.
  • It has 7 different ink pens that give you a lot of freedom.
  • These are well-designed pens that are equally good for both rights and left-handed writers.


  • You get a pack of seven fountain pens.
  • All pens have different colors.
  • The nib is gentle which promotes smooth writing.
  • They come with advanced ink system.
  • Very affordable.


  • The ink smudge so you have to wait a few minutes after writing and let the ink dry completely.
  • These are disposable pens so you can use them once.


It always feels good to use fountain pens. If you have used a fountain pen with fine nib, you will never use anything else in your life.

Fountain pens are not so easy to afford especially those with extra-fine nibs, and this is a reason why so many people are always in search of fountain pens for sale. In this article, we shared best 5 fountain pens for sale that you can choose from.

With these fountain pens, you will enjoy the same smoothness and class as you do with those high-end fountain pens but at a fairly low price.

Before buying a new fountain pen, make sure you consider all the important factors like its nib, pen type, ink that it uses, its price and whether it is disposable or reusable. All these factors add value.

Buying Guide To Buy An Inclusive Fountain Pen:

Hope so our content will help you in getting the best one fountain pen. We have also discussed a few significant factors to consider before buying the best one.


The foremost factor you have to consider is the efficiency of the pen. Writing with a fountain pen offers you a satisfying experience. You may not want to sacrifice the ability to mix out handwritten documents at a reasonable step. So, you must consider the writing efficiency of the chosen pen.

Wet vs. Dry Nibs:

Along the writing efficiency, there are several things about your pen to take into an excuse. However, the most important one is either writing with a wet or dry nib. By using a wet nib pen, enhances the grace and fluidity of your writing. But, the drawback of the fountain pen is that it leaks a lot of ink, i.e., flipping to the next page of the notepad during the meeting are impossible. In contrast to this, dry nib pens losses the smoothness and talent for quickly drying actions. The ink also assets last longer in dry nib pens.

Ink Sacs:

Considering the ink reserves, Ink sac is the thing that you must prefer. It helps you in determining the efficiency of your pen. Larger ink sacs make the body of pen bigger. Due to its larger, size, it becomes quite difficult to write with small hands. It can hold a large amount of ink in it. That’s why, you rarely need to stop to refill, while writing.

The Nib:

The other essential point you have to consider is the nib. Choose that fountain pen which uses an elegant spade shape nibs. However, nibs come in different styles. So, you should believe that one which suits you best and enhances your writing skill. Best fountain pen reviews 2018

There are different nibs with thick and pointed tops. As their names suggest, pens with broad nibs are wider with flat edges. On the other hand, the pointed nibs come with slim line and pointy tops. Pens with broad nibs are suitable for those individuals who want to create stroke adjustments. However, you can change the pointed nib by evolving writing pressure.

i. Nib Flexibility:

Before investigating the best fountain pen, another major factor you have to consider is the flexibility of the nib. Nibs also vary in the flexibility as well. Nib with high flexibility level offers the users to make the thickness of your writing differ greatly. Besides, it also has a written with both the wide and pointed nib at the same page. There are different levels of flexibility. These levels named as the flex, flexi, semi-flexi, flexible, and wet noodle nibs. Each level provides an enhanced level of control over the style of your writing. A harder tip is a safer bet for someone who prefers a more practical writing tool.

ii. Nib Material:

In the fountain pen, the material of nib has great importance. The most popular material for nib is steel, as it is global and inexpensive. However, several users complain that such type material nibs are the source of scratching the paper. So, they thought gold is best one alternative to steel. In contrast to gold, Platinum is another favorite nib material. It is not as rough as the steel, yet it provides more firm writing experience than gold.

Size, weight, and balance of Fountain Pen:

Similar to a sword, the weight, size, and balance help in determining the skill of a writer with his pen. Several fountain pens are big, bulky, and comprehensive. While on the other hand, some are thin, balanced, and light. There is wide range of packages, so you need just to try them and configure the one that suits your needs best.


Another common yet most essential reason is the flashy style due to which most users choose the fountain pen. If you are interested in looking the nib, type instead of their form then do not be the worry. There are incredibly various styles of pens and nibs. You can easily choose that one which meets your all needs and enhance the writing skill as well.


According to the style of a fountain pen, their cost also varies. Some models priced for 10$ only, while others carry price tags nearly 1000$. Before choosing the fountain pen, you have to consider the features, their accessories, and the cost of the pen too.

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